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News Update from CEO Dan McFall: Mobile Labs Partners with Kobiton

Mobile Labs’ industry-leading mobile device cloud GigaFox is now part of Kobiton’s Mobile Experience Platform. Read More »

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Beginning Mobile Continuous Testing

Are you just getting started with continuous testing? Find out what you can do to avoid five common mistakes on your path to becoming a mobile continuous testing genius. Read More »

Mobile App Testing: The Human Touch and Automation

Almost all Mobile Labs customers are working with test automation for their mobile apps. Despite the popularity of automated testing, why did we work to make our manual testing speeds the best in the business? The answer lies in your hands. Read More »

GigaFox: The Reimagined Device Cloud from Mobile Labs

Mobile Labs is excited to announce the release of GigaFox, our completely reimagined mobile device cloud designed to accelerate development and continuous testing. Read More »

Ditch the Lag: Supercharge Manual Testing for Mobile Apps

Tired of the lag? Speed up manual testing with a mobile device cloud. Read More »

All About Appium: A Guide to Mobile App Test Automation

Learn more about mobile test automation from Mobile Labs’ Appium Knowledge Center. Read More »

Customer Success: Selenium, Appium and Automated Testing in Australia

Mobile Labs’ Customer Success Team went to Australia to visit with one of the “big four” banks to chat about automated testing with Appium & Selenium. Read More »

Mobile Labs’ Documentation Available in New Online Portal

Curious to learn more about Mobile Labs’ private mobile device cloud, deviceConnect? All documentation is publicly available online in Mobile Labs’ new documentation portal. Read More »

Why Change Device Location When Testing Mobile Apps?

Location, location, location. With so many mobile apps dependent on geographic location to function properly, testers need to change the location of devices when testing. Here’s how to do it. Read More »

5 Tips for Mobile Testers to Prepare for iOS 12

Apple recently announced the fall release of iOS 12 at WWDC 2018. Here are 5 tips that enterprise mobility professionals should consider when preparing for iOS 12 in their mobile testing labs. Read More »

From Selenium to Appium: Mobile Web to Mobile App Testing

How did we go from mobile web testing to mobile app testing, and how did this trend result in the birth of Appium? The answer – Selenium. Read More »

10 Best Mobile Automation Testing Tools for App Testing in 2018

​How do you pick the right tool or tools for automated testing for mobile apps and web? Read More »

How to Get Test Run Results with Appium Using Maven and Allure

Although leveraging Appium for mobile test automation gives enterprise mobility teams more freedom, it does not provide test run results. Here’s how to get these results by leveraging tools like Maven and Allure. Read More »

Should I Use a Simulator or Real Device When DevTesting Mobile Apps?

While simulators and emulators play a role in the mobile app development and testing process, there are certain tasks that are best suited for a real device. Mobile Labs’ checklist will help you decide which to use for mobile app development and testing. Read More »

Enhance Your iPhone App Quality to Rank Better on App Store

Your app is finally finished after hours of testing and debugging. But development is only half the battle! Now you need people to actually download your app! So how do you do that? We've got 12 simple tips that will help you rank better in the app store to get your hard work in the hands of thousands. Maybe even millions! Read More »