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Mobile Application Testers: Did iOS 7 Take You By Surprise? It Shouldn’t Have.

Mobile App Testing: instrumentation for iOS7

“Has anyone been able to instrument iOS 7?” I came across this question recently in an online forum and was surprised. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been. By all accounts, Apple’s iOS 7 was a disruptive upgrade and many mobile application developers were caught off guard – […]

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deviceConnect™ featured on Atlanta Tech Edge

Atlanta Tech Edge

Mobile Labs’ President and CEO Don Addington was recently interviewed by Wes Moss on Atlanta Tech Edge, a weekly Atlanta show that airs on Sundays. Atlanta Tech Edge highlights the latest technology advancements and reveals a behind the scenes look at the people and businesses that make […]

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deviceConnect 4.0 – Dynamic Instrumentation and App Management Just Got Better

Amp up mobile app testing efficiency

Here at Mobile Labs, a developer’s job is never done – a point certainly proved by Release 4.0 of deviceConnect™. The pressure for easier, faster and more centralized mobile app testing and device access management is unrelenting, and so is our focus on meeting those demands. So, what’s new […]

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Mobile Website Testing: Why Open Source Testing Frameworks Require Device Access Management

Open Source Frameworks

Open source testing frameworks enable developers and testers to test their mobile applications and websites. By supporting multiple languages to write tests as well as integrating into many different development environments, they make a developer’s job easier. There is just one major piece missing when using these […]

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Why the Super Bowl and Olympics Will Put Mobile App Testing at Center Stage


The advent of the mobility revolution in IT, barely four years old, has brought a great deal of change as enterprises have dealt with ubiquitous and challenging user expectations, the need to build training-free apps that accomplish exactly what the user wants, and an uncontrollable ecosystem of […]

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