BlackBerry Launches KEYOne ‘Black Edition’ in Canada

BlackBerry fans may want to check out the company’s latest device, the KEYOne ‘Black Edition.’ This new device combines the classic hardware BlackBerry keyboard with a modern Android OS. The ‘Black Edition’ also provides double the storage (up to 64GB) of the original KEYOne and boosts the RAM up to 4GB. Experts recommend this device for consumers who like having a physical keyboard with shortcuts for apps and actions and for those consumers who do not place high importance on having a large display for watching video content.

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McDonald’s On Track to Mobile Enable all U.S. Stores for Orders and Payments in 2017

McDonald’s is continuing to make ordering and paying for meals easier for its U.S. customers with mobile. Currently, the restaurant chain is on track to mobile enable all 14,000 U.S. locations by the end of the year. McDonald’s “mobile order and pay” service allows customers to use the McDonald’s app to place their orders at the McDonald’s location of their choice. Once they arrive at the restaurant, they will use their mobile device to “check in” at the restaurant. Upon check in the customers can decide whether they want their order brought to their car, or if they want to pick it up inside or through the drive-thru lane. Upon choosing the method for pick up, the McDonald’s team will begin preparing the order and will charge the customers’ payment card. Although many other quick service restaurants are using mobile order and pay technologies, McDonald’s is the only chain currently offering customers three options for pick up.

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Verizon Plans to Launch its Online TV Service this Spring

Remember Verizon’s plans for its own online TV service? After two delays, Verizon is currently planning to launch this service in the spring of 2018. According to industry experts, Verizon has delayed this launch twice because the organization is still trying to figure out how it can compete against the multitude of other media outlets. With this new launch, Verizon will aim to provide a more streamlined version of cable programming over broadband. With other competitors, so far ahead of Verizon in this space, in conjunction with internal issues at Verizon, it will be interesting to watch as Verizon attempts to launch its own platform in the coming months.

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Samsung’s Connect Tag Can Help Monitor Your Pets and Kids

If you are looking for a good way to keep up with those pesky car keys, or to keep tabs on your pets and even your children, Samsung’s Connect Tag can help. This small device is internet-enabled and will track the location of any item it is attached to. Connect Tag can also run up to one week on just one charge. This device is similar Tile, but Samsung is taking a more streamlined approach through a conservative use of data and a sleeker look. Connect Tag also works with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, which would enable consumers to set up certain actions to occur when they return home with Connect Tag, such as turning on the lights or TV. Connect Tag also provides consumers with standard notifications to keep users periodically updated on the location of pets and kid throughout the day.

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Venmo for Mobile Web Checkout is Coming to 2 Million U.S. Retailers

As the holiday season approaches, U.S. shoppers will have an additional option for mobile web checkout. 2 million retailers, including Food Locker, Lululemon Athletica, and Forever 21 will allow shoppers in the U.S. to use Venmo to pay for their purchases directly from these vendors’ mobile websites. Shoppers can use their Venmo account balance or they can use additional payment cards or accounts linked to their Venmo account to make purchases. In addition, certain eligible purchases will qualify for PayPal purchase protection, making it possible to receive full refunds if the merchandise never arrives or does not match its description.

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