Long Lines Are Back: The iPhone X Arrives at Apple Stores

Would it be an Apple launch without long lines? Last week marked the official launch of the iPhone X at Apple Stores. Eager iPhone fans waited overnight for the chance to purchase this latest Apple device around the world. Naturally, there were no guarantees that all customers standing in these long lines would receive the iPhone X due to supply. Pre-orders of the iPhone X already sold out last week, pushing delivery dates into December. Thanks to the demand for the iPhone X, Apple is projecting a record revenue for the holiday quarter of $84 billion to $87 billion. As more customers get their hands on this device, it will be interesting to see if the iPhone X lives up to the months of hype surrounding this device.

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Amazon Launches AR View, an Augmented Reality Shopping Feature for iOS

For users of Apple mobile devices, holiday shopping on Amazon.com just got a lot more interesting. Amazon has launched its own AR shopping feature for its iOS mobile app called AR View. AR View will allow customers to use augmented reality to view products such as appliances, electronics and toys in their own room settings. According to Amazon, 70% of its customers during the 2016 holiday season shopped via mobile, making AR Review a feature than could drive even more mobile shoppers to the app. Currently, Amazon has not released any plans to bring AR View to Android devices.

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Square to Launch a New Point-Of-Sale Device to Serve Larger Businesses

Square is growing its line of hardware by launching a new point-of-sale device, Square Register. Square Register is a completely integrated solution, with the hardware and Square software in one package. Although Square currently offers the Square Stand that converts a tablet into a POS stand larger business have requested a more professional solution. Unlike the other products from Square, the Square Register will provide separate screens for buyers and sellers and will support tap-to-pay technology. Square Register is not intended to replace the Square Stand or Square’s other hardware, but instead will offer an addition solution for larger retailers who want to leverage Square’s products.

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New YouTube TV App Comes to Android TV and Xbox One

For consumers who subscribe to the YouTube TV streaming service, Google has launched a new YouTube TV app for big screens. This new TV app will allow users to stream YouTube TV streaming content on Android TV and Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles. Although YouTube TV can be accessed for the TV screen via Chromecast and Apple’s AirPlay, the new YouTube TV app is built specifically to bring this streaming content to large screens with new, improved functionality. According to Google, the YouTube TV app will be available for Samsung and Sony smart televisions in the coming weeks.

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Facebook Launches GIF-Supported Polls for Web and Mobile

Getting advice and feedback from your Facebook friends is now more engaging than ever. Facebook has refreshed its polling feature by enabling Facebook users to post polls as status updates on Facebook for both web and mobile. People can respond to polls using both GIFs and photos instead of just text responses. There are no text limits for how long questions can be, but responses have a limit of 25 characters.

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