Apple to Release a Fix for the iPhone X for Functionality in Cold Temperatures

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, how will the cold weather affect the iPhone X? According to some users of the iPhone X, their phones have experienced issues with the responsive screen in cold temperatures. Currently this issue causes the screen to become unresponsive to touch when first being immersed in a cold environment. But, after several seconds, the screen becomes responsive again and operates as normal. To address this annoying issue, Apple will release a new software update to correct this cold-weather issue. In fact, once this new update is released, the iPhone X could become the best device to use in cold weather thanks to its facial recognition capabilities.

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Chipotle’s New Mobile App to Enhance Customer Experience

Fans of Chipotle will be excited about the upcoming enhancements to Chipotle’s mobile app. This new app is intended to improve customer experiences for mobile users of all skill levels. For example, the mobile app will now allow customers to quickly reorder favorite meals and feature more streamlined payment options. The app will also allow customers to receive and redeem special offers from the restaurant. Over this past year, Chipotle has worked to make pick-up times more accurate for customers, in addition to allowing them to reserve a time for a future pick-up time. Based on increased digital orders, most Chipotle locations have a dedicated prep line for mobile orders to respond to demand.

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Facebook’s Events App is Now Facebook Local

The next time you are looking for a new restaurant to try, you can consult the new Facebook Local app. The Facebook Local app (formerly known as Events) is geared toward helping users to discover nearby attractions such as bars and restaurants, in addition to helping users keep up with event invites generated from Facebook. This new standalone Facebook Local app will combine events and recommendations of nearby attractions to a single search engine that is powered by Facebook’s 70 million business pages, in addition to pulling from user reviews and friends’ checkins. Depending on how Facebook chooses to promote the Facebook Local app, it could very well become a competitor to Yelp and Foursquare.

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uberAir and Flying Cars: Uber Enters New Partnership with NASA

Soon, you may be able to travel in a flying car, thanks to Uber. Currently, Uber is planning to roll out a network of on-demand flying cars, uberAir by 2020. But to make this vision a reality, Uber will have to navigate a lot of regulations, including approval by the Federal Aviation Administration. Therefore, to help ease the way, Uber has partnered with NASA to develop new proposals to help uberAir to safely share the sky with airplanes, helicopters and drones. Uber plans to roll out the vertical takeoff and landing networks for uberAir in Dallas, Dubai and Los Angeles.

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Apple Will Offer Weekend Deals to Boost App Downloads

This past weekend, you may have noticed some new deals from Apple’s iOS App Store. Apple has added a new feature to the app store, “This Weekend Only,” which will feature deals that can be found inside mobile apps. Examples include, $20 off Under Armour orders, free Chips & Queso from Chipotle, etc. This new feature is aligned with Apple’s redesigned app store, which now offers recommendations for app downloads driven by editorial content, such as articles, interviews and how-to’s. “This Weekend Only” will begin on Thursdays and run through Sundays.

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