ClassDojo Built a Successful App for the Classroom by Listening to Teachers’ Feedback

Both teachers and parents of school-age children are likely familiar with the classroom app, ClassDojo. The app brings an element of gamification to the classroom and facilitates parent/teacher communication. According to the makers of ClassDojo, the app has made its way into 90% of U.S. schools, and has been translated into 35 languages and is used in 180 countries. The founders estimate that the app reaches 1% of the 700 million students around the world in grades K-8. ClassDojo has become one of the most popular classroom apps thanks to the feedback from 20,000 teachers who have helped the creators of the app, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary transform ClassDojo into the platform it is today. Although the app is currently free, ClassDojo is exploring a paid alternative for parents to promote learning outside of school hours.

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Your Next Eye Test Could Be Self-Administered Via a Mobile App

The days of visiting your eye doctor and reading the eye chart aloud may soon become obsolete. Warby Parker has built a new app, Prescription Check that enables consumers to administer an eye test via an app on a smartphone or on a computer. The results of the test will be reviewed by an eye doctor who can then provide the proper prescription. Warby Parker is currently testing this app in California, Florida, New York and Virginia for Warby Parker customers between the ages of 18-40. In this test, the app can only test whether a current prescription is correct. Users take the eye test by standing back several feet from the screen as dictated by the app and following instructions. Although Warby Parker has stated that Prescription Check is not meant to replace traditional eye doctor visits, the American Optometric Association (AOA) still has concerns regarding eye health and patient care.

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Ready for Hands-Free TV? Dish Integrates with Amazon Alexa

Television viewers who constantly lose the remote control have a reason to celebrate. Thanks to the latest integration between Dish Network and Amazon Alexa, television viewing can now be a “hands-free” experience. Dish Network customers with the Hopper or Wally receivers can utilize their Amazon Alexa to change the channel, search for programs and perform other functions such as pause, rewind and fast-forward. Recently, Dish Network announced that they have lost around 143,000 pay-TV subscribers. This new integration with Amazon Alexa is Dish Network’s attempt to keep the current customer base satisfied by mimicking the benefits of streaming players which is a big source of competition for Dish Network.

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Quora is Testing Video Q&A to Go Up Against YouTube

Typically, if you need a video explanation to a question, you would consult YouTube. Now, Quora would like to be another resource for video answers to user generated questions. Quora is testing this new feature by allowing beta users to create videos on iOS or Android to answer questions from Quora users. Traditionally, Quora has only allowed text, photos, links and embedded videos as potential answers to questions. Currently boasting over 190 million users, Quora hopes to become an educational resource to share knowledge with the community. As with other Quora content, the most useful videos to answer questions will be sorted based on how useful they are. Users can also upvote or downvote answers to help rank the content.

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Facebook to Make Trending News More Prominent in the News Feed on Mobile App

If you use Facebook to keep up with trending news, then Facebook is making your life a little easier. Facebook is moving the “Trending” section to a prominent position in the News Feed on Facebook’s Mobile App. Before, the Trending section was hidden in the search box in the app. Currently being tested by a small percentage of Facebook’s user base, a worldwide adoption would drive more traffic to publishers. Since coming under fire for spreading fake news during the most recent U.S. election, Facebook is making efforts to stop the spread of misinformation.

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