New Features Coming in Apple iOS 11 – What Can You Expect?

Last week, during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California Apple revealed a list of new features coming in its newest version of its operating system, iOS 11. Besides updating the features included in iOS 10, iOS 11 brings several new features to the operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPods. Some of the noteworthy new features include: The integration of Messages and Apple Pay, making it possible to send and receive person-to-person payments and additional functionality for Siri, including a more natural voice and the ability to suggest topics of interest to users. Apple Maps will also receive some interesting new updates including detailed mall and airport floor plans with directories and search capability, speed limits and lane guidance to help drivers, and a new “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature that disables notifications while driving and sends auto replies informing senders that the recipient is driving. Apple iOS 11 will be available for download in Fall 2017.

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Make Your Voice Heard: Facebook Allows Users to Contact Government Reps from Posts

Facebook has added a new feature making it easy for users to contact federal and local government officials directly from Facebook Posts. Located as an option under the “Feelings & Activities” section of the “Compose” window, a list of government bodies and officials are presented for users to select and to search. Users can choose a government body or official and a button connecting users with the politicians’ contact information is displayed in the post. Besides making it easy to share viewpoints and opinions with elected officials, Facebook users can encourage others in their network to also reach out to make their voices heard. This new feature is available for both individual Facebook users and company pages in the U.S.

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Apple Set to Launch the HomePod in December

Another big announcement from Apple’s WWDC detailed the launch of the HomePod. Like the Amazon Echo and other smart speakers, the HomePod will be backed by a virtual assistant (Siri) and is expected to retail for $349. The 7-inch HomePod resembles a small trashcan that is covered in speaker grilles. Apple intends to market the HomePod as a music speaker as a nod to its role in revolutionizing music consumption with the iPod. The HomePod features six microphones making it possible to communicate with Siri regarding music preferences and questions about music and artists. HomePod will be available first in the U.S., UK and Australia and features two color options, white or space gray.

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Personal Shopping App AtYourGate Provides Delivery Services to Airline Passengers

As we all know, a trip to the airport can often be stressful. Thanks to long security lines and lengthy walks to the gate, passengers often do not have time to browse the airport shops or to pick up a meal. But, the San Diego County Regional Airport hopes to make shopping and dining easier for passengers this summer. By partnering with the personal shopping app, AtYouGate, passengers and flight crew at the San Diego County Regional Airport can use the app to have food and other retail items delivered directly to them at their gate. This partnership is the first of its kind to be offered at an airport in the U.S. The San Diego County Regional Airport believes this partnership with AtYourGate will boost customer satisfaction and change the way that we travel.

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New App Orai Can Help You Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

If public speaking makes you nervous, then you might want to check out the new app, Orai. Created by Drexel University engineering students Danish Dhamani and Paritosh Gupta, Orai provides written prompts for speakers to read aloud. Orai then gives immediate feedback on speech clarity, filler words, pace and vocal energy to help speakers improve and to become better public speakers. Although Orai has only been available in the Apple App Store for over a month, it has already been downloaded over 1,000 times. Although expected to help non-native English speakers become more confident in business dealings using English, native speakers can also benefit from Orai’s exercises to improve communication skills.

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