Hospital Patients Could Eventually Receive Health Information Via an iPad

The days of waiting for a doctor’s update or sneaking a peek at your paper medical chart while in the hospital may soon come to an end. Instead, you may be assigned an iPad to help you keep up with your medical information and care plan during your stay. Apple is currently piloting this technology in several hospitals in the U.S., including Jacobs Medical Center at UC San Diego, MetroSouth Medical Center in Chicago and Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Although doctors have been using iPads and similar technology for several years to log patient data, the iPad as a tool for patients is still a new concept. Patients and healthcare professionals at Cedars-Sinai have been using the iPads in various ways, from enabling patients to keep up with their care plans while doctors and nurses use the technology to eliminate duplication of information for better patient care. The parents of sick or premature babies are even using the iPads to FaceTime (or BabyTime) to interact with their babies who they cannot visit in person.

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Orlando Health Uses Mobile App to Provide Surgical Updates

Mobility is a big trend in healthcare as more providers are utilizing mobile apps and devices for better patient care. Orlando Health is one such healthcare provider using mobile to keep families informed of how their loved ones are doing during surgery. Orlando Health’s EASE app was first launched in 2012 for both healthcare professionals and patients. EASE is simple to use and provides regular updates and notifications regarding patient procedures and status, even for family members who are not able to be at the hospital during surgery. For healthcare providers, security measures are in place to make sure nurses do not send private information to the wrong family. Both healthcare professionals and patients report high user satisfaction with the EASE app, with 98 percent of families surveyed reporting that the updates helped to reduce their anxiety. Despite the app being a useful tool, healthcare providers still have concerns about the cost of the app and the burden on staff from an administrative standpoint. These constraints could affect the widespread adoption of mobile apps in healthcare.

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Subway’s New Store Design Features Digital Self-Order Kiosks with Apple Pay

The next time you are craving a Subway sandwich, you may find yourself with new ordering options in Subway’s newly redesigned stores. Subway is adding new digital self-order kiosks in select locations where customers can order their meal and pay via Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. Other enhancements to Subway stores also include a fresh vegetable display, free Wi-Fi and more comfortable seating with USB charging ports. Subway is also enhancing the mobile experience to make delivery and pre-ordering a faster experience using the mobile app and/or Facebook Messenger bot. Subway stores will also feature a separate pick-location for orders from the kiosks, mobile app, catering service, and bot for Messenger.

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Let’s Rock: Google Play Music is Now Playable from Search Results

If you’re an Android user you now have a new, faster way to access and enjoy your tunes. Google Play Music has added a new feature inside the Android app that allows you to play music via Google search results. By typing a song title, artist, or album in the Google search bar, the first three results will display in a drop-down menu. If your search was for a song or album, tapping play will automatically start the music. If the search was for an artist, available songs will play on shuffle when you tap play. Once the music begins, the song is sent to the bottom of the screen. Industry experts have noted that this app enhancement has been enabled on the server side, so you may have to wait a while before this feature becomes available in your app.

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Amazon v. WhatsApp: Amazon Might Be Launching a Competing App

It’s all happening at Amazon. Amazon is currently surveying users about its new messaging service, Anytime. Anytime is positioned as a competitor to WhatsApp, but will include additional features such as the ability to order food via group chat, split bills and make video calls using masks and filters. Although it is unclear how far along Amazon is with developing Anytime, the launch of this new platform will mark Amazon’s first entry into the social messaging space. Experts are not sure how Anytime could tie into users’ shopping profile or even how prominent Amazon’s branding will be in this new platform at this time.

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