Mobile Technology Trends in 2017: Rise of Social Commerce, IoT and Virtual Reality

Now that 2017 is well under way, Matthew David of Kimberly Clarke offers ten predictions for what will be the hot mobile technology trends in 2017. Innovation is predicted to be coming in several key areas, including social commerce, IoT and virtual reality. According to David, social commerce will continue to develop as consumers get more comfortable making purchases while texting on platforms like WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Apple’s messenger program. For IoT, David predicts that 2017 will be the year that this trend finally takes off on a large scale, as prices for sensors, services, communications protocols and infrastructure for data analysis is finally coming together at the same time to push IoT forward. Regarding VR/AR/MR, David predicts that 2017 will be the year where VR/AR/MR all come together to blend reality and digital experiences seamlessly so that consumers will not be able to tell the difference. David’s predictions are aligned with what I saw at Mobile Word Congress earlier this year regarding VR/AR/MR and IoT. It will be an exciting year as we watch to see what unfolds in mobility.

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Need Help? Shoppers Would Rather Consult Their Phones than Store Associates

Pretend that you are in a store shopping and that you have a question about a product. Would you rather look up the information on your smartphone, or ask a store associate? According to a study by Salsify, 77% of shoppers would consult their phone instead of an employee for answers. Based on these findings, it will be increasingly important for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers to provide a positive mobile experience to users. This is supported by another survey finding revealing that 84% of consumers, ages 18-29, and 78% of consumers ages 30-44, are more likely to use a mobile device to make online purchases. Clearly, when it comes to shopping, the power of mobile continues to grow.

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Stormy Weather? Request a Lyft from the Weather Channel App

Forgot your umbrella or galoshes? Lyft is ensuring that you will never be stranded in the rain or stormy weather again without a reliable ride. Thanks to a third-party integration with The Weather Channel app, users can request a Lyft while viewing the forecast inside The Weather Channel app. In addition, users’ calendars will sync with the forecast advising users on the best way to get to their next appointment. For example, the weather may make it more feasible to take a Lyft than to walk. This integration is only available for Samsung users.

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Netflix is the Most Popular Streaming Service in the U.S.

What is your preferred platform to stream content? If you’re in the U.S., your platform of choice is most likely Netflix. According to comScore, more than half of Wi-Fi households in the U.S. are now using at least one streaming service to enjoy content, with 75% of these homes using Netflix. But, the competition is growing, with 53% of U.S. homes using YouTube, 33% relying on Amazon, and 17% utilizing Hulu for content streaming. Despite Netflix’s popularity, it only ranked Number Two in engagement, with users averaging 28 hours per month of viewing content. The winner in engagement was Sling TV, with users averaging 47 viewing hours per month.

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Rockabye Baby: Ford’s New Concept Crib Helps Babies Sleep by Mimicking a Car Ride

Does a ride in the car put your baby to sleep? Ford has a new concept crib that tricks babies into falling asleep by mimicking a car ride. Ford’s newest marketing gimmick, Max Motor Dreams, features a crib includes speakers to recreate the sounds of a car engine, a movement mechanism to create motion, and LEDs to create light effects. This crib is controlled by an app for your smartphone, so once baby is asleep the features can be turned off by the parents. Unfortunately, this concept crib is only available in Spain and will be awarded to a lucky raffle winner who tests drives a Ford vehicle.

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