See How Much Testing Time deviceConnect Can Save You (Hint, It’s a Lot of Binge Watching)
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With 2 parallel tests, you could save
0 hours.
With that time, you could watch...
0 of your favorite superhero movies back-to-back!
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It's better with 5 parallel tests though.
You would save
0 hours...
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...meaning you could take
0 flights from Atlanta
to Florence, Italy!
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10 Parallel Tests?! Now we’re talking. Your QA team would save...
0 hours.
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You’re just showing off now. Bumping it up to 20 parallel tests saves...
0 hours.

Wow, 25 parallel tests at once. You really take this seriously. So do we.

That's a whopping

0 hours

At the current average of $68,294 per year, you're saving


in labor costs with one round of testing.

How many rounds of testing are you running per year hmm?

Source for labor cost

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