Customer demands are constantly increasing. As a result, engineering, testing and QA teams need to deliver timely, high-quality mobile digital experiences.

deviceConnect can help.

deviceConnect is an open-platform device cloud, providing cloud-based access to dozens or hundreds of real devices (on premise or hosted), which speeds development, checkout, collaboration, testing, and support of mobile websites and native mobile apps.

Validate Pre-launch and Continue Verifying Post-launch

Developers, quality engineers, or customer support engineers, need to verify apps and websites function correctly and perform well, as new devices and new versions of mobile software hit the market.

Improvement for All Mobile Digital Delivery Stages

deviceConnect provides high-performing, remote access to a pool of real devices that improve quality through all stages of mobile digital experience delivery.

Starting with the first line of code, deviceConnect supports those using Xcode or Android Developer Studio who need rapid access to devices for checkout, debugging, and collaboration. Key device performance metrics such as CPU, network, and memory states can be gathered and viewed as needed.

When it’s time to test, deviceConnect supports both remote manual testing and automated testing. deviceConnect is an open platform that supports the industry’s most comprehensive choice of app and web automation tools, including: Appium (Selenium), Calabash, EggPlant, MicroFocus' UFT (via Mobile Labs’ Trust™), IBM's Rational, SOASTA, Tricentis, and most other mobile engineering tools that ordinarily use USB-attached devices.

Micro Focus

Once deployed, support engineers can use deviceConnect’s remote manual access while working with customers to better understand what the customer sees and more rapidly determine their problem. As a result, engineers can reliably re-create and quickly repair defects.

During deployment, test automation scripts can monitor ongoing app and website performance and availability and warn if service levels slip. In addition, key metrics to measure device performance can be captured.

Continuous testing validates that apps and websites function properly and can provide early warnings of defects, a huge help as smartphone makers continue their rapid pace of new devices and updated software.

Our team is quite happy with Mobile Labs and its solutions. The gains in efficiency, simplicity and collaboration have already paid off in dividends. And when a problem arises, I know I’ll be talking to a Mobile Labs support specialist within an hour of filing a ticket. All this leads to greater confidence in the quality of our releases.

ABN AMRO test manager Sander Stevens​