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A Secure, Efficient Manual Testing Tool

Accelerate manual testing – with deviceConnect, eficient manual mobile testing is possible and practical.

It's usually a slow process, but manual QA testing is still required for high quality apps. The complexities only increase with so many developers using remote teams to manually test mobile apps. However, if you have the right manual testing software tools you won't be plagued with inefficiencies. Leverage the advantages of manual testing while overcoming device shortages, sharing problems and security concerns with deviceConnect.

Manual Device Testing Challenges

“People-testing” mobile apps is a critical part of knowing whether an app or website is ready to release.

Many enterprises contract with off-shore teams for such manual testing or use teams geographically distant from in-house developers and other engineers. However, challenges arise when testers need to share Android and iOS devices – especially across different locations.

Manual mobile app and web testing can be plagued with inefficiency – from time wasted while waiting on a device to be shipped or found, to inadvertently testing a wrong app version. Complexity increases when tracking and testing multiple apps, or when using continuous integration to rapidly deliver mobile app updates.

Supplying teams with enough devices is expensive and BYOD is difficult to manage. For many enterprises, security concerns are raised when apps or test data must be shared off-premises, or access to in-house test servers must be arranged and maintained.

deviceConnect solves these chalenges.

How Does deviceConnect Simplify Manual Testing?

With deviceConnect, manual device testing is as simple as logging in to the cloud and picking an available device from dozens or even hundreds. View the entire manual testing process in real time with a browser-based remote viewer that shows your device screen and offers real-time control via mouse, keyboard, and multi-touch gestures.

Check out the demo video below and learn how deviceConnect simplifies your manual testing needs.

Securely Manual Test Devices, Apps and Mobile Websites

Maintain complete control of security and data location; extensive logging and auditing features make it easy to see when capacity is being exceeded and to audit device and app use. deviceConnect performance is comparable to testing on real devices in-hand.

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How To Improve Onsite and Remote Manual Device Testing

There's no way around it: if you want to improve the speed and efficiency of your manual testing process, you need a tool to help you out.

Manual mobile app testing is an important component of QA testing. Whether it’s to investigate a defect, validate style standards or to verify performance, the reasons for interactive testing are plentiful. However, challenges arise when testers must share a single pool of devices - especially across different locations.

From time wasted while waiting on a device to be shipped or found to inadvertently testing the wrong app version, app testing is complex. When multiple app versions must be tracked and tested, or when continuous integration is being used to rapidly deliver mobile app updates, the complexity multiplies.

Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™ is a secure, private mobile device cloud that solves sharing and accessibility challenges while paving the way to efficient, accurate mobile website manual interaction.

How Does deviceConnect Improve Testing Efficiency?

  • Securely access real mobile devices
  • Remotely view and interact with the mobile device, browsers and other mobile apps
  • Perform remote multi-touch gestures
  • Launch the latest version of an app loaded by the build system
  • Test any prior app version
  • Capture screen shots to document app issues
  • Save screen captures to document website appearance
  • View and control who is using which mobile devices
  • Monitor key parameters like storage usage and battery condition
  • Obtain a device based on device type, platform (Android™, iOS) or version
  • Scale or rotate the device to ensure proper layout and appearance

deviceConnect isn't a one-trick pony. It can handle even most complex test automation frameworks, solve continuous integration needs, and make debugging nice and simple.

deviceConnect Accelerates Manual Mobile Website Testing

Mobile websites, including those built with HTML5, have become a major means for the mobile-first enterprise to put function in the hands of mobile users. To protect and ensure a world-class user experience, mobile website testing by manual interaction is often required. Whether it’s investigating defects, checking compatibility with various browsers or validating continuity, manual mobile website testing provides the human interaction required for consistent mobile user experiences and high-quality site performance.

Challenges can arise, however, when devices must be shared by large groups or by mobile engineers in different locations. Idle mobile devices or idle mobile engineers can drive up costs and inefficiencies, lengthening test cycles and slowing delivery. Public device clouds have attempted to solve these problems, but have often raised security, performance and cost concerns of their own.

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