GigaFox Speeds the Human Touch

People testers, we're here to give you a "hand." If you're using the human touch to “manually” test mobile apps and websites, and think you need a device in hand to get the full experience, think again.

GigaFox erases performance gaps between devices in-hand and ones in the cloud, making it the industry’s fastest. GigaFox also uses less network bandwidth, meaning you’ll get improved performance at home or halfway around the world. GigaFox also speeds up people workflows by connecting to any device – or multiple devices -- instantly.

We Didn't Invent a Time Machine, But it's Close.

What we did invent is the GEM, GigaFox's Graphics Extension Manager. The GEM is a revolutionary component that achieves new levels of smooth, responsive and real-time graphics performance in a mobile cloud.

A GigaFox GEM device performs just like you were holding it in your hands. It's that good. Perfect for testing all categories of mobile apps including active content web, gaming and streaming video, the GEM optimizes a device's screen output for transport over Ethernet, overcoming bandwidth-related performance problems. Say goodbye to network-caused response lags and choppy video.

Are you running Appium tests? The GEM is also in your corner, making Appium faster than ever.

Hands Cramp Up? GigaFox Relieves Pain

With GigaFox, you’ll use more of your time testing and less on busywork. Use your keyboard and mouse and cut-and-paste to quickly transfer URLs, account numbers, and to fill out forms faster than your thumbs can type. Cut drudgery by saving any gesture sequence you can think of as a shortcut for later. The days of being "all thumbs" will soon just be a memory.

No More Scavenger Hunts. Get Real-Time Access to the Devices You Need.

Have you ever not completed a testing cycle because you were waiting on devices being shipped? Or did the devices have dead batteries? Were they missing charging cables? Did someone else have the device you needed?

GigaFox allows you to get your testing done. Period. Devices are always online and charged, and you can reserve a device for when you need it.

GigaFox is the Modern Approach to Manual Testing

Take your manual testing to the next level by investigating CPU, memory, and network metrics in real time, as you test.

Feeling adventurous? Travel the globe without leaving your desk by setting a device’s location to anywhere in the world.

Tired of loading app executables or wondering whether you’re testing the latest build?GigaFox can show you what you’re testing, and GigaFox’s continuous integration loads apps to devices, automatically, the instant they are built.

GigaFox is Developer-friendly

Where would testing be without our pals in development?

GigaFox gives you the ability to submit defects with the right information to track down bugs. Screenshots and device logs are a snap to include. Armed with your findings, GigaFox’s deviceBridge then gives developers the power of direct debugging, breakpoints, and code-level testing with Xcode or Android Studio to confirm what you found and to set things right.