Test Your WayTM

Use your favorite open-source automation testing tools – our platform supports your preferred testing tools.

Our “Test Your Way” strategy for mobile app and web automation lets you continue using the tools you love for automated testing.

Support Digital Transformation with Mobile Automation Testing

Mobile app and web test automation is a critical survival tool in the digital transformation, helping speed up development and validate Android and iOS apps against rapidly growing sets of devices and mobile operating systems using real devices.

Eliminate Device Wait-time

The ability to quickly and automatically manage app versions and to deploy continuous automated testing against real devices, whether it's the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, eliminates process blocks. Neither engineers nor test automation suites have to wait for devices to be plugged into the right workstation at the right time.

Seamless Transition with Support for Existing Workflows

Our open-source automation tool, meets engineers “where they live,” supporting existing workflows. The technology also gives freedom from a rigid proprietary mobile automation framework and does not dictate the choice of mobile automation tools.

Access to the Automated Testing Tools of Choice

With deviceConnect most open-source and commercial mobile engineering tools can use cloud-based devices rather than rely solely on devices connected by USB to the engineer’s workstation. This further opens the platform to the tools of your choice – making it possible for many tools to have device cloud-support for the first time.


The Industry Leader for Choice of Automated Web and App Testing Tools

deviceConnect features built-in support for Appium as well as enabling most commercial App and Web automation tools, including Tricentis, SOASTA, SeeTest, Calabash, HP's UFT (via Mobile Labs’ Trust™), IBM's Rational, and most other automated mobile app testing tools that ordinarily use USB-attached devices.

See how some of the world’s leading companies like SimplyHealth are using deviceConnect to speed up delivery and improve quality.

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Why Do You Need an Automation Tool?

Automation tools allow for broader test coverage to catch more development bugs and vastly improves the rate at which apps can be tested and deployed. By setting up testing scripts to test specific functionality, you can test app performance across a multitude of devices and operating systems simultaneously. Not only is this useful in beta testing to improve speed of delivery, it also makes regression testing simpler.

While manual testing will always be required, automating tests makes the manual testing process faster due to more issues being caught beforehand, keeping both your testers and developers happy!