Up and Running In an Hour...Really.

Order a pizza, and we’ll install GigaFox and have your first Appium test running before it arrives.

Start scripting immediately using GigaFox’s built-in, fast, and reliable Appium server. You’ll have time to eat the pizza because you won’t spend time downloading, installing, and configuring Appium – we’ve done all the work for you.

Speed, speed and more speed will make you an Appium superstar in no time, because GigaFox:

  • Improves Appium performance and reliability
  • Runs more Appium concurrent tests
  • Makes iOS provisioning fast and easy

Support That Gets You Home for Dinner

We get it. Getting Appium up and running can be challenging. But it doesn't have to be frustrating.

Mobile Labs is your Appium success company, and we’ll be your partner all the way to the finish line. We back our Appium server with world-class customer support committed to your success. Relying on our experienced Appium experts means you won’t need to wait and hope for a public forum post to solve your problem. We’re online and ready whenever you need us.

Speed up Appium Workflows

Ready to take charge of your Appium testing and make it sing? GigaFox simplifies Appium workflows from start to finish. Writing tests has never been easier or quicker. Our exclusive Inspector tool saves tons of time by making it a snap to reference app and website objects, and your scripts will be smaller and simpler because GigaFox automatically handles the work of starting the server. Managing and running Appium scripts is a breeze because more tests can be run in parallel, and intelligent device selection takes care of connecting the right device type.

Nobody Gets Left Out - Today or Tomorrow

GigaFox is friends with everyone and can help with any automation strategy. If Appium is not your cup of tea, then GigaFox can help you Test Your Way™ by using the cloud with tools you already love for automated testing.

GigaFox is the most open and flexible cloud in the mobile space, supporting continuous testing through DevOps integrations and the largest number of third party and open source tools in the industry. That means GigaFox comes to stay – with the platform power to adapt not only to the tools you use today, but with the capability to support the ones you’ll choose tomorrow.