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Device and App Automation Testing with deviceConnect - Test Your WayTM

Our open-source platform supports your favorite automated testing frameworks.

Our “Test Your Way” strategy for Android and iOS automation testing for mobile and web apps lets you continue using the tools you love for automated testing.

Support Digital Transformation with Mobile Automation Testing

Mobile app and web test automation is a critical survival tool in the digital transformation, helping speed up development and validate Android and iOS apps against rapidly growing sets of devices and mobile operating systems using real devices.

Eliminate Device Wait-time

The ability to quickly and automatically manage app versions and to deploy continuous automated testing against real devices, whether it's the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, eliminates process blocks. Neither engineers nor test automation suites have to wait for devices to be plugged into the right workstation at the right time.

Seamless Transition with Support for Existing Workflows

Our open-source automation tool, meets engineers “where they live,” supporting existing workflows. The technology also gives freedom from a rigid proprietary mobile automation framework and does not dictate the choice of mobile automation tools.

Access to the Automated Testing Tools of Choice

With deviceConnect most open-source and commercial mobile engineering tools can use cloud-based devices rather than rely solely on devices connected by USB to the engineer’s workstation. This further opens the platform to the tools of your choice – making it possible for many tools to have device cloud-support for the first time.

Micro Focus

The Industry Leader for Choice of Automated Web and App Testing Tools

deviceConnect features built-in support for Appium as well as enabling most commercial App and Web automation tools for iOS and Android, including Tricentis, SOASTA, Calabash, MicroFocus' UFT (via Mobile Labs’ Trust™), IBM's Rational, and most other automated mobile app testing tools that ordinarily use USB-attached devices.

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Why Do You Need an Automation Tool?

Automation tools allow for broader test coverage to catch more development bugs and vastly improves the rate at which apps can be tested and deployed. By setting up testing scripts to test specific functionality, you can test app performance across a multitude of Android, iOS, Windows and other devices and operating systems simultaneously. Not only is this useful in beta testing to improve speed of delivery, it also makes regression testing simpler.

While manual testing will always be required, automating tests makes the manual testing process faster due to more issues being caught beforehand, keeping both your testers and developers happy!

Popular Automation Testing Frameworks


Appium is an open source UI testing framework for mobile apps, created on the foundation that testing native apps shouldn't need an SDK or recompilation of your app. Appium supports all Selenium libraries and is compatible with languages such as Python, Ruby, C##, Javascript, Java, PHP and more.


The Galen framework is an open source cross platform tool used to test the look and feel of responsive websites. Galen uses Selenium to interact with various elements on web pages and if an error is detected, it is reported and highlighted.


Sponsored by Thoughworks Inc, Gauge is a lightwight open source cross platform test automation tool. The specifications are written in the popular markup syntax; Markdown language, to allow for a more streamlined development process. Gauge also supports a multitude of languages and test code such as Java, Ruby, and C#. A special feature of Gauge is its maintainable test suites.


Formerly known as QuickTest Professional (QTP), Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is one of the most popular automated testing tools in the industry and boasts over 60% of the market share. UFT automation is mainly used for functional and regression testing, along with service testing for enterprise-level quality assurance (QA). This tools lets you automate specific actions to test by simulating user actions. This testing can be done on a web or client-based apps and test these actions for different users and different data sets, on various Windows operating systems and/or across multiple browsers.


RedwoodHQ is a open source test automation framework that works with virtually every language including Java Python C# and Groovy. Redwood also allows multi-threaded execution on the same or multiple machines, and provided real time detailed results and screenshots. RedwoodHQ also features a VNC viewer to observe and interact with executions.

Robot Framework

Robot Framework is a test automation framework used for acceptance testing and test-driven development. This framework is written in Python but allows for cross platform functionality and can be run on Java and IronPython. Its test automation process is powered by keyword-driven testing (KDT) which provides testers with readable test data syntax.


Sahi is a automation and testing tool for web applications. It is an open source tool that allows the recording and play backing of scripts. Sahi supports both Java and JavaScript and is cross browser ready. Sahi also features a inbuilt Excel framework which allows business analysts and non-technical testers contribute.


Selenium was designed to automate browser for testing web applications. The Selenium WebDriver has three different frameworks to automate manual test cases: Data Driven Test Framework, Hybrid Test Framework and the Keyword Driven Test Framework. Since Selenium is a library of APIs, you will need to choose which programming language it will be implemeneted in.

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