Being responsible for the QA function in mobility can be daunting as the team seeks to certify high-quality digital experiences and defect-free, high-performing apps.

Enterprise digital transformation puts unusually stringent demands during what amounts to a re-tooling of both internal and customer-facing systems.

QA Teams Need an Open Testing Platform in the Mobile World

The traditional QA goals – meeting the designer’s specifications, ensuring an app performs well, and sufficiently debugging – have become much tougher in mobility.

It’s no longer just a question of meeting a single certification deadline; it’s become necessary to continuously certify apps as new devices and new releases come pouring down the virtual assembly line.

deviceConnect can automatically deploy apps to the devices that will be used for testing in “touchless” fashion.

Keeping Up with the Speed of Change in Mobility

Mobile apps must be tested against each new phone generation, form factor, and operating system version. The rate of change grows ever-faster as smartphone companies strive keep up with the competition’s performance and features.

deviceConnect Supports Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing

To keep pace, most teams have invested in an arsenal of mobile automation tools.

But these tools only come into their full power when backed by an open device cloud platform, like deviceConnect. This platform supports both continuous integration and continuous test, and it does so in a few key ways.

Keep Preferred Testing Tools

First, deviceConnect’s platform allows team members to use the tools that best meet their goals. Teams should be able to add the power of the device cloud to their existing workflows, not replace the workflow with one demanded by the platform.

Ensure Security with an On-premise Solution

Next, deviceConnect helps alleviate security concerns. The security of your enterprise apps and data is on the forefront of your mind. Available as an on-premises solution, deviceConnect is self-contained and easy to install.

Meet Teams “Where They Live”

Finally, as an open platform, deviceConnect meets teams “where they live” by supporting the industry’s most comprehensive choice of app and web automation tools, including Appium (Selenium), Tricentis, SOASTA, Calabash, MicroFocus' UFT (via Mobile Labs’ Trust™), IBM's Rational, and most other mobile automation tools that ordinarily use USB-attached devices.

Micro Focus

Secure, Automated Testing to Meet Goals and Deadlines

In short, a QA team’s best strategy for meeting goals and deadlines is the ability to securely automate large suites of test cases against multiple devices and operating systems, and to continually confirm that apps still function as they should after each operating system update or new phone release.

deviceConnect can make QA teams nimble enough to keep an eye on new and existing functionality at the same time.

With Mobile Labs, we’ve been able to increase our efficiencies tremendously. By having the ability to securely access real devices remotely from anywhere – because a wide variety of types is instantly available – we can now offer multiple device and OS combinations to our teams worldwide, as well as within our own internal lab. When an engineer finishes with a device, it is instantly available to the next person.

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