Today, organizations have multiple apps that need to be tested across multiple platforms, operating systems, and device types. Maintaining a variety of phones and tablets in all makes and models that are available, 24/7, can quickly become chaotic. Add the security concerns around data management and accessibility, and a complex situation arises.

So how can all devices be securely managed while providing device access to physically dispersed team members? The answer is Mobile Labs hosted deviceConnect in a Mobile Labs data center.

Secure – Built and Managed by Mobile Labs

Devices Installed and Maintained by Mobile Labs

Manage Users

Manage Applications

Manage Automated and Manual App Testing

Securely Manage Mobile Device Development, Testing, and Support

Mobile Device Access Simplified

Private, Dedicated, and Managed by Mobile Labs

Mobile Labs can get you up and running quickly using a dedicated server in our secure data center.

Housed in a managed, cooled, and redundantly powered rack, our hosted solution supplies the deviceConnect software, WiFi, and access to devices.

Let Mobile Labs experts set up deviceConnect’s proven architecture for your private, dedicated use. We’ll obtain and install devices, maintain their physical condition and software levels, perform physical maintenance when needed, and keep the deviceConnect server updated to the latest levels, ensuring you always have access to the complete range of deviceConnect benefits.

Our experts will be there to help if problems arise, minimizing or eliminating downtime and getting you access to the latest devices and mobile operating systems automatically or on a schedule you decide.

Manage Devices

Designed for enterprise testing, development, and support teams, deviceConnect’s powerful, Web-based management console allows engineers to remotely manage, track and monitor testing assets by individual device name, manufacturer, model number, OS version, availability, and more. Any Android or iOS device can be monitored and managed.

Engineers no longer need to waste time searching for a device that was inadvertently locked away in a desk drawer or shipped to another location.

Instead, they can focus exclusively on the job at hand, speeding up the deployment and boosting the ROI of enterprise mobile apps.

deviceConnect, enables teams to:

  • Access and share a pool of private, dedicated devices for testing
  • Remotely add, disable or reboot devices as needed
  • Force close devices as needed, with the device automatically returning to ‘Available’ status
  • Track any device or group of devices by individual device name, manufacturer, model number or OS version
  • View device inventory in real time
  • Filter device inventory by available, in use, in use by a selected user or by device platform
  • Monitor device and user activity
  • Devices are either acquired by Mobile Labs for your team or you may send us your own devices, which will be installed and managed in our secure data center by a Mobile Labs expert
  • All devices are enabled to reset to the device state after use, automatically allowing optional actions to be performed when released including removing all apps that were installed to the device that are not part of the system and setting the device to reboot

Manage Users

deviceConnect enables remote management of engineer access to both test devices and apps. Using the solution, administrators can add, modify or disable any engineer or administrator in the organization.

deviceConnect lets engineers—regardless of their location—remotely access and share Android and iOS smartphones and tablets for development, support, and manual or automated testing.

deviceConnect allows teams to:

  • Enforce roles-based user access for granular control of applications and device usage
  • Secure device communication via encryption
  • Add, modify or disable users and administrators
  • Limit deviceConnect access to authorized users only
  • Manage and administer deviceConnect passwords

Manage Applications

deviceConnect provides a central repository to manage applications. A simple upload process puts the app into a repository, giving engineers an understanding of what apps are available on eligible devices.

deviceConnect, allows teams to:

  • Remotely upload, install and remove applications
  • Filter application list by device platform
  • Automatically load applications upon connection to the device
  • Clear applications and data after use

Manage Automated and Manual App Testing

deviceConnect enables administrators and test lab managers to monitor mobile device inventory and usage.

deviceConnect supports the industry’s most comprehensive choice of app and web automation tools, including Appium (Selenium), Tricentis, SOASTA, Calabash, MicroFocus's UFT (via Mobile Labs’ Trust™), IBM's Rational, and most other mobile automation tools that ordinarily use USB-attached devices.

deviceConnect transforms manual mobile app, web, and device testing efficiency and management. It helps testers locate the right device and the right application and makes an instantaneous connection to begin testing from any desktop in the enterprise.

deviceConnect supports remote gestures for more accurate control of user-interface actions such as scrolling, swiping, selecting, and dragging. Full support of remote manual-testing gestures includes flick, fling, tap, long tap, double tap and pinch and zoom. In addition, testers can remotely simulate device rotation via deviceConnect, enhancing their capability to thoroughly test mobile app functionality whether manually or through Trust automation.


  • Provides globally distributed teams access to iOS or Android test devices 24/7
  • Enables communication with devices via a secure, encrypted connection
  • Allows teams to run fully automated tests against available applications
  • Provides access for developers, QA testers and support teams for manual tests and troubleshooting

Securely Manage Mobile Device Testing

When it comes to testing mobile devices, the greatest challenge is accessing the right device at the right time. The numbers and types of mobile devices are on a meteoric rise that shows no sign of slowing. Organizations that test mobile devices must be able to share devices efficiently, especially among large test teams and workers located in different physical locations.

Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect is a private mobile device cloud that solves the challenges of mobile device access management without compromising performance or security. Anchored behind corporate firewalls, deviceConnect is a high-performance, small-footprint mobile device testing lab that houses up to 48 iOS and/or Android™ smartphones and tablets in a single, lockable cabinet. A scalable solution, deviceConnect securely delivers remote manual and automated mobile app testing capabilities using real mobile devices.

Mobile Device Testing Simplified

deviceConnect’s elegant, preloaded server system is affordable and easy to ship and deploy. To begin testing mobile devices, simply plug into wall power and the LAN.

deviceConnect’s web-based management tools enable administrators and mobile engineers charged with mobile device testing to use real mobile devices to:

  • Create a pool of sharable mobile devices – just plug them in!
  • Add, disable or reboot devices as needed from remote locations
  • Quickly shift mobile devices from one mobile engineer to another
  • Give remote users access to any device in the shared pool
  • Control and monitor which mobile engineers are using mobile devices
  • Maximize sharing of rare or hard-to-acquire mobile devices
  • Exercise all parts of a mobile device’s user interface, including multi-touch gestures
  • Monitor device battery state and charging modes
  • Manage device charging