Most mobile developers are asked to field the best digital experiences possible (five star reviews) and to deliver results on-time and defect-free. What tools are needed?

Simulators Are Not Sufficient for Mobile Development

Ordinary resources – simulators and a couple of devices attached by USB cable – are insufficient for early testing that guarantees an app or website runs properly on all target devices, form factors, and operating system levels.

Simulators have different CPU, memory, and peripheral configurations and are weak approximations at best.

Real Devices Can Help Find Problems Early

Early code testing or troubleshooting requires a large number of different real devices due to variations in OS versions, library support, object versions, framework levels, form factors and performance. Quickly and easily running early code on many real devices greatly reduces the number of problems that wait to be discovered by QA testing or customers.

Access the Real Devices Needed with deviceConnect

With deviceConnect, devices can quickly and easily be chosen from a pool of dozens or even hundreds, greatly amplifying developer power when compared to using only simulators or a few in-hand devices.

deviceConnect allows an engineer to choose and schedule any real device from the available inventory and to see the device screen and to control the device using a real-time, on-screen viewer.

While we’ve seen major time savings, we haven’t minimized our workforce. Instead, we’ve used the extra bandwidth deviceConnect gives us and expanded the team’s capabilities.

Engineering manager for a leading multinational athletic apparel & accessories corporation which reduced mobile delivery time by 92% with Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect​

Gain Critical Performance Metrics

Critical performance metrics are available, along with the full gamut of IDE (such as XCode and Android Studio) features, such as breakpoints, crash reports, unit test, and automated test. A deviceConnect, cloud-based device appears to the IDE to be USB-attached.

Test on Numerous Platforms, Devices and Versions

When tracking down a defect, deviceConnect makes it quick and easy to try the failing scenario on multiple devices, leading to quick answers to questions like, “Does this happen on all versions of Android, or only on versions after version 4?”

Screen-sharing for Faster Teamwork

Collaboration via screen-sharing means developers can quickly collaborate with designers, customer support, or other developers to speed teamwork along.

In short, deviceConnect opens the benefits of the mobile device cloud to mobile developers for the first time.