Enterprise executives responsible for wide-ranging IT deployments are faced with nothing less than a re-tooling of their systems and applications, as the business seeks to transform itself to all-digital operations.

Big data, analytics, and more powerful servers are making services and processes possible that we could barely dream of a decade ago.

While big data and analytics have varying roles in the digital transformation, one factor is constant whether the function is new or old, B-to-B, or B-to-C: mobility.

Rising Mobile Expectations

Consumers and employees expect their smartphones and tablets to do what they want, when they want. And when frustrated, they quickly move to the next thing.

Mobile Experience Reflects Your Brand

More than that, mobility puts consumers directly in touch with a service that may not actually be the brand (for example, configuring the options for a new car), but that embodies the brand in a new way.

A manufacturer with the reputation for the best cars in the world must field customer-facing digital experiences that feel as well-crafted, well-designed, and that perform as reliably as the automobiles.

In Mobile Development, Speed Is Key

Time frames for delivery are shortened and the demands for new apps are increasing as mobility becomes the face of digital transformation. The IT organization can’t afford to simply outsource development and can’t afford to suffer the blockers to collaboration, DevOps, and the reductions in development speed that mobile development tools can bring.

The Starting Point for Digital Transformation

Today’s mobile environment demands a complete engineering solution to face digital transformation head on. That’s why deviceConnect should be the digital transformation starting point.

With deviceConnect, teams can:

  • Bring DevOps methods like continuous integration and continuous test to mobility
  • Give developers wide, rapid access to real devices
  • Support collaboration among designers, developers, QA engineers, and customer support reps
  • Provide early warning when new devices and new operating system versions threaten stability or performance
  • Field a complete mobile engineering solution

Improve Efficiency to Meet Mobile Market Needs

As an open platform, deviceConnect meets teams “where they live,” by supporting an industry-leading number of development, DevOps, and automated testing tools. Such an open platform is crucial to helping the team improve efficiencies while meeting the needs of the mobile market.