The digital transformation is well underway in leading enterprises today, as digital technologies become the backbone of both operations and competitive strategies.

Rising Mobility Expectations

Mobility is the face of this transformation for your customers and employees alike; timely delivery of reliable, high-performing, and ‘delightful’ mobile digital experiences is mandatory.

The bar is raised higher every day as mobility is called on to enhance brand reputation, competitiveness, and customer and employee satisfaction.

Challenges to delivering High Quality Digital Experiences

Being limited to the devices at hand to develop, test, debug, or support crafting new digital experiences can severely handicap teams that are trying their hardest to work together.

Development tools like Xcode, Android Studio, and many test automation frameworks only support the ‘tethered’ mode. Dispersed teams make the challenges even harder.

Tethered mode presents mobile engineering teams with difficult challenges – sharing devices efficiently, testing on a sufficient mix of devices to avoid surprises, collaborating among different groups such as designers, developers, testers, and support personnel, and supporting engineering automation practices such as continuous integration and continuous test.

Enable Digital Transformation Success

At Mobile Labs, our goal is to turn the tables on these challenges and restore lost capability, giving engineering teams the chance to ‘get their mojo back’ when confronted with mobile web and app development.

We believe the first need is an open-platform device cloud, such as deviceConnect™, that supports device sharing, collaboration, and critical engineering automation software.


Improve Mobile Development and Delivery Efficiency

For enterprises developing mobile solutions as the face of their digital transformation, deviceConnect’s goal is to make mobile development and delivery as efficient and structured as standard development has become.

We do this by solving collaboration and device sharing challenges while meeting engineering teams “where they live” by supporting their tools of choice.


Support for Manual and Automated Testing

deviceConnect also supports both remote manual testing and automated testing. deviceConnect’s open-platform supports the industry’s most comprehensive choice of app and web automation tools, including Appium (Selenium), Tricentis, SOASTA, Calabash, MicroFocus' UFT (via Mobile Labs’ Trust™), IBM's Rational, and most other mobile engineering tools that ordinarily use USB-attached devices.


Thrive in Digital Transformation

To be successful at digital transformation, high-quality mobile digital experiences are needed and deviceConnect can supercharge the engineering teams by making it possible for them to not only overcome mobility’s collaboration challenges, but thrive as well.