Want to go fast? Free up some time with parallel testing. (Your frequent flier program will love it!)

deviceConnectTM Can Get Developers Moving

Debug code on real mobile devices via a private mobile device cloud.

Apple and Google provide free, but limited, developer tools that provide code editing, refactoring, building, debugging, and even test automation.

Challenges in Enterprise Support, Growing List of Available Devices

Unfortunately, most standard developer tools lack enterprise-grade team support for collaboration, continuous integration, and continuous test.

Worse, the number of devices a developer needs to check out code on a representative sample of form factors and operating system release levels has become very large, very difficult, and very expensive to manage.

Developer tools do offer simulators, but most teams recognized long ago that the simulators cannot substitute for testing on real devices.

Use the Device Needed Via Private Remote Device Cloud

deviceConnect and deviceBridge™ can instantly solve team problems by enabling Xcode, Android Studio, and most other tools that use mobile USB connections to control devices located in a remote device cloud.

A developer can select from one of dozens or even hundreds of devices in a deviceConnect cloud and, with our remote web-based viewer, can view and control the device as if it were plugged in to the workstation, a significant help to geographically dispersed teams.

Flexibility to Use Xcode and Android Studio from Anywhere

Both Xcode and Android Studio treat a deviceConnect cloud-based device as if it were locally attached. Devices that are locally attached can still be used as well, giving the developer ultimate flexibility.

A team of developers, each with the same requirements, can easily share the same devices whether they are in the same office, on different floors, or on different continents.

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Easily Repair Defects

deviceConnect can be particularly instrumental in repairing defects. Some defects will occur only on some operating system versions, or some form factors, or some specific devices.

By being able to quickly test on as wide a variety of devices as possible, without waiting to obtain physical possession of a device, the developer is more likely to find a “sure path” to re-creating a customer problem, almost always necessary to code and test a fix.

Once coded, the cloud also supports checking out the fix on a wide variety of devices, making sure that the new code runs successfully on them as well.

Amplify Troubleshooting with Screen Sharing

deviceConnect also allows the developer and a support engineer to simultaneously see what’s happing on the same real device, helping the developer to diagnose the failure scenario.

It also allows designers to verify layouts, colors, language, and other items important to the digital experience, demonstrating to the developer what changes might be needed.

Efficient Mobile Development, Regardless of Your Team’s Location

The bottom line is that developers need to check out their code on real devices, and need a wide variety of them for brief checkout while building apps and while working on defects. deviceConnect satisfies these needs, reducing delays, and bringing teams together.