GigaFoxTM Gets Developers Moving

Debug code on real mobile devices via a private mobile device cloud.

Pros Use Power Tools

GigaFox, Mobile Labs' revolutionary new mobile device cloud, turns development tools into power tools.

Let’s face it – the Apple and Google IDEs are light on collaboration, continuous integration, and continuous testing features. How do you rapidly share devices with other developers? How can you count on being able to see your code on a new mobile device? How do testers show you what they have found and get you the logs you need?

Simulators can be great for simple checkout, but sometimes only a real device's screen, CPU, battery, and peripherals will show you what’s up. Wouldn’t it be great to set a breakpoint in your code and then rapidly test that point on several different devices in a matter of only minutes?

If you check out code on only one or two devices in your office, what are you likely to miss? Agile methods and continuous deployment call on developers to deliver great, bug-free code. That’s where GigaFox can help.

Cloud Power for Your Tools

GigaFox's deviceBridge™ cuts the cord that limits you to a few mobile devices in hand. Instead, connect to the power of the cloud by using your choice of many real mobile devices with:

  • Apple’s Xcode IDE for real-time iOS app code check out, unit testing, debugging, crash log reporting, and Apple’s XCUITest automation
  • Android Studio for real-time app code check out, unit testing, debugging, and running Espresso tests
  • Safari and Chrome development tools for mobile website debugging
  • Build servers used in DevOps processes
  • Most other tools that are otherwise limited to in-hand USB devices

You can select from one of dozens or even hundreds of devices in a GigaFox cloud and, with our remote web-based viewer, you can view and control the device as if it is plugged in to your laptop.

A team of developers can easily share the same devices whether in the same office, on different floors, or on different continents.

Repair Defects Faster

GigaFox is particularly powerful for defect repair, especially ones that occur on only some operating system versions, form factors, or specific devices.

Testing quickly on a wide variety of devices can help you chase down a bug faster by finding the sure path to re-creating it. And once coded, GigaFox lets you quickly check out the fix on a wide variety of devices.

The Result? Great, bug-free code.

Get the 4-1-1 You Need Faster

GigaFox can get you much more useful information faster than ever before. For example, you can share a screen with a support engineer while you both see what’s happening on the same real device.

Designers can verify layouts, colors, language, and other items important to the digital experience and can instantly confirm your work or detail any needed changes.

Go Where You Want to Go

The bottom line is that code is better when checked out on real devices, and GigaFox makes the team’s entire inventory instantly available, whether you’re in the office, traveling, or sitting at your kitchen table. Your backpack will be lighter because you won’t need to drag devices home or on the road (if allowed), and you won’t keep others from using them. Conversely, the device you need won’t be in someone else’s kitchen or in an overhead bin.

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