Core of the Mobile App Infrastructure

Never before has infrastructure of your mobile application been so important.

Mobile devices have become the primary venue for delivering customer facing, B2B, and workplace apps. But development and testing have dramatically changed – in earlier, desktop-Web development, the number of test cases largely determined quality, since there was little variation among browsers. In mobility, however, quality is determined both by the number of test cases and the variety of devices tested.

Quality enterprise mobile development demands access to a multiplicity of real devices and operating system versions. This need and the single-user nature of many development and testing tools raise serious challenges for enterprise IT groups trying continue the collaborative success of Agile methodologies and DevOps cooperation.

For enterprise apps, new technologies are needed to bring order to the chaos of mobile development. In this white paper, we discuss how the new core of the infrastructure, the mobile device cloud, can foster collaboration, easily make a variety of devices available to developers and testers, and deliver key DevOps capabilities – all crucial capabilities that mobility otherwise lacks.