According to Capgemini and Sogeti's 8th annual World Quality Report, in 2016 45% of companies have not found the right mobile app testing software and tools, vs. 26% the previous year.

Mobile Labs TrustTM is an automated mobile app testing solution that tests automation frameworks on all major mobile platforms, including smartphones and tablets, as well as on all Operating Systems (OS's.)

Accelerate Mobile Application Deployments

Mobile Labs Trust helps to meet rapid rollout schedules by automating the mobile application testing process, without sacrificing accuracy, and minimizing the time spent on script development and maintenance.

Minimize Application Deployment Defects

With Mobile Labs Trust, teams can develop an end-to-end testing strategy that ensures applications work correctly through both front-end and back-end systems.

Reduce Mobile App Regression Testing Time

With Mobile Labs Trust, verifiable function and regression tests can quickly be constructed that enhance tester productivity. QA teams can spend more time testing code and increasing test coverage.

Integrate Completely and Seamlessly with UFT

Mobile Labs Trust seamlessly integrates with UFT, automatically translating existing Web and desktop testing skills and experience to mobility.

Increase Tester Productivity with Cross-Platform Support

Many mobile apps are designed to run on multiple operating systems such as iOS and Android. Since many of the tests written for iPhone mobile app testing and Android application testing are complex, they can be very time consuming to create.

Mobile Labs Trust enables testers to write a test for one mobile platform, and, with only minor changes, run the same test on another platform, which can almost double tester productivity.

When we implemented Mobile Labs Trust, that’s when we realized the full benefit of the product. We quickly learned we could reuse the same tools and techniques in UFT, including the same scripting language, to test mobile applications on real devices located in deviceConnect.

ABN AMRO test manager Sander Stevens

Improve Test Accuracy with Automated Object Definition

Through direct, on-device interaction with the mobile app under test, Mobile Labs Trust facilitates automated object definition by providing a precise inventory of objects and properties directly to UFT’s Object Repository tools.

Streamline Test Development and Execution

With Mobile Labs Trust, testers using UFT can use the same tools and techniques — including the same scripting language they have traditionally used for desktop and web — to test mobile applications on real devices.

Integrate Mobile Application Testing with Other Enterprise Testing

Mobile Labs Trust integrates mobile app testing software with QA’s other testing efforts, enabling QA to concurrently test all associated apps, communication protocols and their interactions with the mobile app.

Mobile Labs Trust’s automated approach to functional and regression testing allows app testing on multiple mobile platforms using the same UFT automation scripts that drive other UFT add-ins (such as Web). This enables concurrent testing of all associated applications, back-end systems, or communication protocols and their interactions with mobile apps.