Meet GigaFox™ StarterKit

Built for smaller teams with big app dreams.
Get instant-access to private devices for mobile testing.

What is GigaFox StarterKit?

GigaFox StarterKit is the adorable kid brother of our mobile device cloud, GigaFox™.

StarterKit provides all of the awesome features of GigaFox. These features include 24x7 access to private, dedicated devices, real-time manual testing and test automation featuring built-in Appium® that you’d find in our enterprise-level GigaFox, but in a smaller, nimbler footprint. All of the speed and superior performance of Mobile Labs’ GigaFox but in a smaller package. StarterKit may be smaller, but he’s still just as mighty as his older sibling.

Designed for smaller mobile app development and testing teams or for those just getting started with testing, StarterKit provides easy, instant-access to a small pool of five dedicated iOS and Android devices secured in Mobile Labs’ hosted environment. If a hosted option is not ideal for you, StarterKit can also be deployed on-premises behind your firewall.

Not quite sure if GigaFox StarterKit is the fox for you? We have options. Check out GigaFox Red for an enterprise version of our on-premises testing lab. Or take a look at GigaFox Silver for a super version of our testing lab with enhanced graphic features and more devices.

What Makes StarterKit a Superstar:

  • Instant-access to a small pool of private, dedicated real devices
  • No waiting on or sharing of devices – they are all yours
  • Unlimited users – make app testing a party
  • Speed, speed and more speed
  • Real-time manual testing with stunning graphical performance
  • Unlimited test automation using Appium or your favorite tools
  • Available as a yearly commitment or billed month-to-month
  • 9-5 weekday email support
  • Free 14-day trials

Get Up and Running in a Snap

Signing up for StarterKit is a breeze. Visit our registration page, answer a few questions and get started on your testing adventures today.

We encourage you to take advantage of our free, 14-day trial to get a feel for StarterKit and to take him through his paces on the house. Billing will begin on Day 15 and for greater flexibility, Mobile Labs offers teams the chance to sign up for a full year of StarterKit or you can pay month-to-month.

The Power of StarterKit

Did you know? A kit fox is the smallest member of the Canidae family in North America. Known for his large ears and smaller body, the kit fox may be little, but he is still powerful.

Mobile Labs designed GigaFox StarterKit to capture the independent spirit of the kit fox. While StarterKit is smaller than our enterprise-level GigaFox, StarterKit provides the same awesome speed and superior performance to handle both manual and automated testing needs. StarterKit provides a lot of power in a smaller package.

GigaFox Enables QA Engineers To:

  • Perform continuous automated testing with DevOps integration and built-in Appium support
  • Trust that an app’s user experience is true with the real-time experience of testing on an in-hand device
  • Test location-based applications
  • Test app functions that involve the camera
  • Remotely reboot and unlock devices as needed
  • Collaborate easily by sharing devices and screens
  • Schedule access to devices so they are available when needed
  • Control and monitor device usage
  • Exercise all facets of the user interface, including multi-touch gestures
  • Manage and control device charging
  • Integrate tools with our REST API and .NET library

The Fox That Grows with Your Team

While StarterKit is designed for smaller teams or for those just exploring testing, often enterprise mobility needs change. As mobile app dev and QA teams begin building and testing more apps across additional operating systems and devices, it may be time to grow into a bigger footprint in your testing lab.

Mobile Labs make it easy to convert from StarterKit into Mobile Labs’ full sized GigaFox. By converting to GigaFox, teams can enjoy the following perks:

  • Keep it hosted in our data center or install it on-premises behind your firewall
  • Customized devices, including device swap outs
  • 24x7x365 support
  • Access to Mobile Labs’ Customer Success Team for training and advice
  • Audio and accessibility testing
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Custom web branding and extensions
  • Active Directory Authentication
  • Professional Services
  • 21-day Free Proof of Concept (POC)

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