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The Fastest Mobile Device Testing Lab.
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The mobile device cloud re-engineered

GigaFox Silver is a mobile device cloud that controls the chaos of testing multiple apps across multiple platforms, operating systems, and device types. Installed on your premises or in a hosted environment, GigaFox is a secure mobile testing lab that provides instant, real-time devices to team members anywhere regardless of physical location.

Not quite sure if GigaFox Silver is the fox for you? We have options. Check out GigaFox Red for a streamlined version of our testing lab without enhanced graphic features or check out GigaFox StarterKit perfect for small teams who are just getting started with mobile.

GigaFox Silver: Secure Behind Your Firewall or Hosted By Mobile Labs

Provided as on-premises installation or in a hosted implementation, GigaFox Silver gives teams more flexibility to bring cloud benefits into development, DevOps, and testing workflows, and integrates seamlessly with your network, giving teams the last word in performance, security and asset control.

Anchored behind corporate firewalls inside your office or inside our secure data center, GigaFox Silver is a high-performance mobile device testing lab that houses even more iOS and/or Android™ smartphones and tablets than GigaFox Red.

No matter where your team members reside geographically, all can take advantage of GigaFox Silver’s real-time access to devices for manual and test automation, including built-in Appium.

GigaFox Silver: Supercharged Mobile Testing

Offering greater flexibility, GigaFox Silver is available as an on-premises implementation or in Mobile Labs’ hosted environment.

Featuring the same superior performance and access to devices and testing support as GigaFox Red, GigaFox Silver is re-imagined with a revolutionary new component, the GEM or Graphics Extension Manager. The GEM gives new levels of real-time smoothness and responsiveness to hosted cloud devices, providing real-time manual testing and the ability to test streaming video and graphical content without lags and choppiness.

With GigaFox Silver, enterprise mobility teams can supercharge mobile testing and enjoy:

  • Real time display of the device screen
  • Ability to test user experience without any lags
  • Enjoy the same testing experience whether onshore or off

Benefits of GigaFox Silver: At-A-Glance

GigaFox Silver Enables Engineers to:

  • Perform continuous automated testing with DevOps integration and built-in Appium support
  • Perform manual testing with the real-time experience of an in-hand device
  • Create a pool of sharable mobile devices
  • Remotely add, disable, reboot and unlock devices as needed
  • Collaborate easily by sharing devices and screens
  • Schedule access to devices so they are available when needed
  • Control and monitor mobile device usage
  • Maximize sharing of rare or hard-to-acquire mobile devices
  • Exercise all facets of the user interface, including multi-touch gestures
  • Manage and control device charging
  • Enjoy enhanced performance, speed and real-time access to devices and streaming content without lags or choppiness

Manage and Refresh Mobile Devices

GigaFox Silver securely delivers remote manual and automated mobile app testing capabilities using real mobile devices.

Designed for enterprise testing, development, and support teams, GigaFox Silver’s powerful, Web-based management console allows engineers to remotely manage, track and monitor testing assets by individual device name, manufacturer, model number, OS version, availability, and more.

In addition, all GigaFox Silver customers are automatically enrolled in Mobile Labs Device Refresh Program at the Silver Level. This Device Refresh Program enables testing teams to swap out or refresh a certain number of devices yearly based on their program. Mobile Labs will not only acquire requested devices but will offer a warranty and replace any devices that are no longer functioning at no cost to the customers.

Easily Manage Users and Applications

Need to manage who is accessing particular devices for testing? GigaFox Silver enables remote management of engineer access to both test devices and apps. Using the solution, administrators can add, modify or disable any engineer or administrator in the organization.

GigaFox Silver also provides a central repository to manage applications. A simple upload process puts the app into a repository, giving engineers an understanding of what apps are available on eligible devices. Apps can then be installed on the device and can be cleaned up after use.

Manage Automated and Manual Testing

GigaFox Silver supports the industry’s most comprehensive choice of app and web automation tools, including built-in Appium, Selenium, Tricentis, MicroFocus's UFT (via Mobile Labs’ Trust™), and most other mobile automation tools that ordinarily use USB-attached devices.

  • GigaFox Silver transforms manual mobile app, web, and device testing efficiency and management. It helps testers locate the right device and the right application and makes an instantaneous connection to begin testing from any desktop.
  • GigaFox Silver also supports remote gestures for more accurate control of user-interface actions such as scrolling, swiping, selecting, and dragging. In addition, testers can remotely simulate device rotation via GigaFox.
  • GigaFox Silver even allows for testing of other various testing needs such as location and voice-over.

We’ve been supporting on-premises clouds since we installed the industry’s first more than six years ago, and we’re the leader because our support team is dedicated to your success -- and that includes our Appium expertise. Whether you need help figuring out a test case, help finding and locating devices, or need some advice about mobile DevOps, our team is always available to help.

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