See How Much Testing Time deviceConnect Can Save You (Hint, It’s a Lot of Binge Watching)

Access Device Cloud Devices with deviceConnect’s deviceBridgeTM

Enhance developer and test automation productivity – the deviceBridge feature of deviceConnect creates a “virtual USB cable” allowing engineers to instantly connect to needed real devices from anywhere.

deviceConnect with deviceBridge gives mobile app and web developers access to remote real devices from IDEs such as Xcode and Developer Studio, and supports test engineers who use the industry’s most comprehensive set of open source and commercial automation tools. Engineers enjoy all the benefits of a secure, high-performance, high-availability mobile device cloud.

Limitless Access to Real Mobile Devices

deviceConnect with deviceBridge breaks the bonds and limitations of only having one or a few mobile devices in hand by instead providing real mobile devices in the device cloud that can connect to:

  • Apple’s Xcode IDE for real-time iOS app code check out, unit testing, debugging, crash log reporting, and Apple’s UI automation
  • Android Studio for real-time app code check out, unit testing, debugging, and more
  • Safari and Chrome development tools for mobile website debugging
  • Build servers used in DevOps processes
  • Most other tools that are otherwise limited to in-hand USB devices using Apple’s usbmux or Android’s adb server

The World Just Opened Up!

With deviceBridge, whole new classes of users can have their pick of any device in the deviceConnect cloud. Instead of being limited to only the devices he or she physically possesses, an engineer can choose from dozens of devices. Those that remain attached to the engineer’s workstation can still be used; at the same time, an engineer can choose any from any of the deviceBridge/deviceConnect cloud devices.

Give Your Team the Device Access They Need

Find out how you can have a “virtual USB cable” that connects real mobile devices in the deviceConnect™ mobile device cloud

Give Your Team the Device Access They Need

Code and Test Faster and Better

Developer productivity is greatly enhanced because checkout and debugging can be quickly performed on a much wider variety of devices – and the instantaneous device access provided by deviceConnect reduces or eliminates waits. Because more types of real devices are readily available, developers are no longer limited by the few devices they have in hand and can validate more devices earlier in the process.

Other benefits of deviceConnect with deviceBridge include:

  • Mobile device cloud inventory and availability information
  • A real-time view of and ability to operate the remote device on the engineer’s screen using the deviceConnect viewer
  • Real-time mobile device performance information
  • Secure, Active Directory authentication
  • Device reservations
  • Usage and audit reports and data

Drop the Simulators and Cut the Cord

Once the virtual USB connection is made, using a deviceConnect real mobile device through deviceBridge is functionally the same as using a device physically attached to the engineer’s workstation. For example, Apple’s Xcode shows the device as attached to the user’s machine and available for development and testing, even though the device is being accessed remotely.

deviceConnect reduces or eliminates the need to manually share devices. Collaboration among teams is facilitated through screen sharing, making it possible for engineers in multiple geographies to see what is happening with an app or a device in real time.

Using Xcode or Android Studio, developers can connect to cloud-based devices to run interactive debug sessions or to view device logs.

Secure, High-availability Device Cloud Right at Your Fingers

Mobile app developers, mobile web developers and automation engineers using tools like Xcode, Android Studio, or open-source automation frameworks that don’t offer device cloud benefits, can cut the (USB) cord with deviceBridge and deviceConnect!