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Mobile Labs Device Refresh Program

Let our team lead the hunt for the latest iOS and Android devices.

Swapping Out Devices Has Never Been Easier

When left to your own devices, sometimes you need new ones. Mobile Labs can help enterprise mobility teams reduce the stress of acquiring and purchasing new devices or find older devices required for testing. With a subscription to the Mobile Labs Device Refresh Program, swapping out old devices for newer ones is easy, efficient and cost-effective.

When our device refresh program is paired with our GigaFox Red and GigaFox Silver mobile device clouds, your team will always have the devices you need for manual and automated testing so you can continue to provide a five-star app experience for users.

Get with the Device Refresh Program

Featuring three device refresh package options, choosing the best program to suit your team’s budget and needs is simple.

Whether you need the latest iOS or Android device or an old Windows phone, Mobile Labs’ team of experts will go on a “fox hunt” to find the required devices to achieve your testing goals.

If you’re a GigaFox Silver customer, you automatically receive the Silver package with your on-premises or hosted implementation, but you can always upgrade to Gold or Platinum if needed.

GigaFox Device Refresh Program Packages

Silver Gold Platinum
  • Refresh the subscription devices each year
  • 25% of devices can be premium devices
  • Refresh the subscription devices each year
  • Trade in half of the devices for new ones within the year
  • 25% of devices can be premium devices
  • Refresh the subscription devices each year
  • Trade in all of the devices for new ones within the year
  • 25% of devices can be premium devices

Care and Feeding of Your Devices

With your Mobile Labs Device Refresh Program subscription, any devices acquired by Mobile Labs as part of the program are under warranty for the duration of the subscription. Therefore, devices are always safe and protected. If a device should be damaged or is no longer usable in your testing lab, the device will be replaced at no charge.

Time for a Refresh?

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