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People testers, we're here to give you a "hand." If you're using the human touch to “manually” test mobile apps and websites, and think you need a device in hand to get the full experience, think again.

GigaFox is a complete reimagining of everything you think you know about mobile device clouds. GigaFox provides mobile engineers with instant access to an exciting real-time experience, on real devices, with unprecedented smoothness and responsiveness no matter whether you’re coding, writing Appium® test scripts, or doing manual testing.

Sign up for our free GigaFox trial and enjoy full support for mobile application testing, mobile device testing and mobile website testing on real mobile devices – with manual and automated testing. All at screaming fast speeds.

Your Free Trial of GigaFox Includes:

  • Complete feature set – no restrictions
  • Implementation support and training
  • Access to customer support and resources

What Happens After You Sign Up for a Free Trial:

  • First, you'll be contacted by your account rep within one business day.
  • Next, we'll get a little more information from you about your mobile testing goals, wishes and dreams
  • Finally, we'll set up the free trial and send you on your way to mobile testing mastery, GigaFox style.

Please note that the GigaFox trial does not include any immediate access to real devices hosted in our data center or any software downloads. We customize all our trials to your needs and specifications - that's why we have to talk to you before we can begin your trial.

The Buzz About Mobile Labs Support

At Mobile Labs, we work hard to make our solutions easy to use and trouble-free, but if you have a question or an issue with any of our products or during your trial, please contact us! We are easy to reach and always at-hand if you need us. Our customer support and customer success teams are world-class and are known for being the best. You can find out what makes our support different here.

We strive to be easy to do business with, to keep our promises, and to put our customers first - even when you're just giving GigaFox a try. Our global support team is available whenever you need them to keep GigaFox running at its peak.

If you do have a question or issue, you can quickly open an incident with our customer support team here. Our team will be notified immediately and an incident will be automatically opened in our tracking system. You can expect a prompt reply with an answer or the next steps to resolve your issue.

If you need immediate assistance for an outage or a non-operative solution after hours, you can reach us at +1 888.975.2066. Simply leave a phone number where you can be reached, and a Mobile Labs support manager will return your call. For more information about Mobile Labs’ support or for general questions or concerns, please call our main number, +1 404.214.5804.

THANK YOU for being a Mobile Labs’ customer...or a soon-to-be customer.

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