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Simplyhealth Improves Mobile UX with More Efficient Testing

Mobile Application Testing Software Saves Simplyhealth Nearly a Year in Development Time

Simplyhealth, a leading health cash plan provider serving nearly 3.5 million customers, recently enhanced its continuous mobile application delivery with Mobile Labs deviceConnect. The private mobile device cloud, powered by Mobile Labs, has allowed Simplyhealth to access virtual devices from anywhere, use existing test scripts and test applications securely behind their corporate firewall.

Prior to implementing deviceConnect, Simplyhealth was using mobile device simulators in its testing process, which failed to accurately represent the behavior of real devices. To improve performance, Simplyhealth turned to deviceConnect’s efficient, private cloud infrastructure for comprehensive management of all of its mobile application testing assets. With deviceConnect, Simplyhealth has a virtual test lab that is product agnostic, allowing its workforce to easily and accurately test devices from anywhere.

“The solution was exactly what we were looking for and has delivered outstanding results,” said Chris Dale, IT test and release manager for Simplyhealth. “We have been impressed not only with the technology, but with how Mobile Labs listened to us, worked to understand our goals, and has continued to be responsive to whatever we need.”

Simplyhealth has seen powerful results since implementing deviceConnect, including:

  • Improved efficiencies and collaboration for a distributed workforce, including access to virtual devices from anywhere
  • Increased cost and time savings by being able to identify and correct issues earlier
  • Enhanced flexibility thanks to a tool-agnostic mobile testing infrastructure
  • Shortened testing timeframe as a result of continuous app delivery

“We had a good working relationship with Mobile Labs from the beginning,” said Dale. “Within a few hours, the Mobile Labs team had the solution out of the crate and up and running, and we were writing automation scripts. We were using the product in production mode within a day.”

Looking ahead, Simplyhealth would like to work toward a single, continuous delivery platform, from design to testing, marketing, and throughout the organization. This strategy will include deviceBridge, a new extension to deviceConnect, which offers revolutionary support for both open-source automated testing frameworks and mobile app development tools.

“We are very pleased about what Simplyhealth has been able to accomplish with deviceConnect,” said Paul O’Callaghan, VP, international sales at Mobile Labs. “This is a textbook example of what other organizations can do with this technology, and we are excited about what we can do with Simplyhealth in the future to help them continue on their path.”

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