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Mobile Labs VP Talks Mobile Innovation with Dana Barrett

dana-barrett-show Agility. DevOps. Continuous delivery. These buzzwords populate the conversation of every mobile developer under the sun. However, once you get outside of IT, the significance of these terms is quickly lost amidst the larger body of the enterprise.

To cut through the confusion, Dan McFall, Mobile Labs vice president of mobility solutions, joined Dana Barrett on The Dana Barrett Show to talk about the future of mobile and bring some clarity to the everyday listener.

Breaking Down Silos

Dan and Dana began the segment discussing the role mobile plays in digital strategy. Dan noted that companies now understand mobile is not a siloed initiative. Instead, it’s a major player in most companies’ overall strategy to connect with customers.

As enterprises focus on retooling customer outreach efforts, interconnectivity grows ever important as well. Enterprises need varying departments and their isolated technologies to connect with one another. Enterprise apps can help deliver this connectedness, ultimately driving a more intelligent, more connected experience for the customer.

Extending Your Brand to the Mobile Experience

Specifically, mobile-savvy brands are using mobility as a way to extend their brand promise. Dan pointed to Mercedes-Benz as an example. Consumers associate Mercedes-Benz with luxury and elegance. And their mobile app should capitalize upon that. If the company’s app offers a clunky, unintuitive user-experience, then that will counter the brand message the company has worked so hard to create.

The Infamous Exploding Batteries

And finally, Dana and Dan turned their attention to the Galaxy Note7’s exploding battery debacle. Dan chalked this up as a “complete miss” for Samsung. That miss began in the testing process. Samsung failed to dedicate the time and resources required to rigorously test device performance, and they’ve paid dearly for it.

Reports of the exploding batteries drove Samsung to issue a total recall of Note7s, costing the company an estimated $2 billion according to Bloomberg News. This only goes to show that when you think you’ve tested enough, that’s when you should buckle down and test some more.

Interested in listening to the full segment? Listen to Dan McFall’s interview with Dana Barrett here.