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deviceConnect Supports iOS 11 Testing for All Apple Devices

Yesterday, Apple released the first public beta version of iOS 11. Although the final version of iOS 11 will not be available until the fall, Apple intends to release several betas for testing throughout the summer.

Mobile Labs is pleased to announce that our mobile device cloud, deviceConnect™ supports iOS 11. Available as an on-premises or as a hosted solution, deviceConnect enables iOS 11 to be tested across all Apple devices.

Mobile Labs President Dan McFall recapped several of the new features included in iOS 11 in the June 12th, 2017 edition of his Weekly Mobile News Roundup. Highlights:

  • Integration of Apple Pay and Messages
  • Additional functionality for Siri
  • Detailed floor plans, directories, search, speed limit and lane guidance alerts for Apple Maps
  • A “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature to disable notifications while driving

If you’d like to explore additional features coming in iOS 11, then check out these articles by Romain Dillet of TechCrunch:

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