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92% Better Mobile Delivery Time for Athletic Apparel Leader

Thanks to Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™ enabling automated mobile testing, one of the world’s leaders in athletic apparel and accessories has benefitted from a 92 percent reduction in mobile delivery time.

Long a standard bearer in mobile excellence, this apparel company expertly extended their brand across users’ mobile platforms. Yet as customers increased demands for rapid updates, the company knew automation loomed as the means to keep its well-regarded mobile experiences.

Before using deviceConnect’s mobile device cloud, the company’s development team relied on manual testing processes and physical device handoffs. Not only did this mean someone had to collect and organize all testing devices at the end of each day, this also prevented colleagues located outside of the central office from participating in testing.

After considering possible solutions, the company determined that Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect met its criteria: secure device testing with remote access, devices held on-site and seamless integration with SOASTA for automated testing.

“The key benefit was enabling our remote teams to access these devices,” said the company’s engineering director. “Now these individuals can access a device as soon as it’s available, and that’s relieved a major pain point that was set to crop up in the future as we expand our global teams. In fact, it’s helped us stay ahead of the demand curve for instances like these. We’ve been able to address several pain points before they’ve even become an issue.”

While immediately accelerating the company’s testing processes, deviceConnect has also enabled several performance boosters:

  • Remote device access increases collaboration for geographically dispersed teams
  • Product updates from Mobile Labs deliver new features, such as measuring battery drain during testing
  • On-site device management ensures easy tracking and maintenance of testing devices

But the story doesn’t end there. To read more on how this global leader in athletic apparel has accelerated testing with Mobile Labs, read the case study in full.