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Mobile Labs Partners with IBM for Improved Mobile DevOps

Moving mobile apps from the build system onto real mobile devices no longer has to cause a loss in productivity. Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™, a private mobile device cloud, helps manage app versions and streamlines the process of installing, launching, and testing mobile apps. deviceConnect has a scripting capability that can automate app installation into the deviceConnect mobile app database as well as enable install and launch apps on select mobile devices (or all mobile devices) as a part of a mobile DevOps deployment strategy.

Device users no longer have to search for the right mobile app binary file or use complicated tools (such as those shipped with mobile SDKs) or techniques (like using a public website) to get the right build on the right device for testing. As a result, users save time lost using SDK tools, navigating to websites, or by using the wrong version of the app for mobile app testing.

Mobile Labs has partnered with IBM to produce a mobile-app automation plug-in for IBM Urban Code Deploy, a part of the IBM Rational testing suite. This is just one example of how deviceConnectCLI can serve as the backbone of a mobile DevOps deployment strategy. The plug-in to IBM’s Urban Code Deploy provides four discrete automation steps that can automatically move new app builds into the deviceConnect database, remove app versions from the database, and install or remove apps from real mobile devices managed by deviceConnect.

Mobile DevOps

An example of an automated deployment might move a new app build into deviceConnect and then replace the mobile app on one or more mobile devices in a single programmed step. The image below shows the diagram of this process as it looks in the IBM Urban Code Deploy automation process designer:

Automated Mobile App Deployment

Each of these steps is carried out by deviceConnectCLI, and the entire process runs unattended. The first step de-installs the app on the mobile device. The second step uploads a new version to the deviceConnect database, and the third step installs that new mobile app on the device, where it is ready for automated mobile app testing or manual mobile app testing. The video below shows the process in action:

With the Mobile Labs’ plug-in for IBM Urban Code Deploy, Mobile Labs enables deviceConnect customers who use IBM’s Urban Code Deploy to easily and quickly automate mobile app deployment. Mobile Labs is proud to become an IBM Business Partner and has earned a “Ready for Rational” certification.

To talk with us in more detail about our partnership with IBM or to see a demo of deviceConnect and IBM’s Urban Code Deploy, visit us at Booth #E109 at IBM Innovate next week in Orlando!