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Mobile Labs Introduces Mobile Device Cloud at Tricentis Accelerate

GigaFox is the first mobile device cloud to fully integrate the creation and execution of mobile scripts with Tricentis Tosca

ATLANTA – October 9, 2018 -Mobile Labs, a leading provider of mobile device clouds to Global 2000 mobile developers and testers, today announces the European launch of GigaFox™, its revolutionary new mobile device cloud. GigaFox will make its European debut at Tricentis Accelerate, October 9th through October 10th in Vienna, Austria.

Mobile Labs’ GigaFox is a complete re-imagining of the mobile device cloud that supercharges the process of creating, testing, and delivering high quality mobile apps and Web content. GigaFox gives mobile developers and QA teams exciting real-time performance, on real devices, with unprecedented smoothness and responsiveness whether they are coding, writing test scripts, or doing manual testing. For enterprise mobility teams using Tricentis Tosca for their testing, GigaFox is the only mobile device cloud that fully integrates both the creation and execution of mobile scripts.

GigaFox also holds the distinction of being the first and only mobile cloud suitable for all categories of mobile apps, including active content Web, gaming, and streaming video. GigaFox can make bandwidth-related response lags and choppy video a thing of the past and is available immediately in Mobile Labs hosting centers or for on-premises installation.

“GigaFox re-invents the device cloud by putting superior performance and power in the hands of mobile developers and testers,” said Dan McFall, Mobile Labs’ president & CEO. “GigaFox is revolutionary because it vastly improves our support for manual testing, DevOps, and testing workflows. For teams that rely on Tricentis Tosca, GigaFox is a natural fit due to the smooth integration between our mobile device cloud and Tricentis’ solutions.”

All attendees of Accelerate are invited to stop by the Mobile Labs booth to learn more about GigaFox and to see a live demo.

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