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Mobile Labs Introduces GigaFox Red and GigaFox Silver

StarterKit, GigaFox Red and GigaFox Silver make up company’s collection of re-engineered mobile device clouds

ATLANTA – September 16, 2019Mobile Labs, a leading provider of mobile device clouds to Global 2000 mobile developers and testers, today launched the final addition to its mobile device cloud suite: GigaFox Red and GigaFox Silver.

Earlier this year, Mobile Labs launched GigaFox™ StarterKit, a solution which offers easy and instant access to real devices enabling more companies to engage in mobile testing without risk. GigaFox Red and GigaFox Silver adds more advanced features to StarterKit for larger enterprise mobility teams.

GigaFox Red and GigaFox Silver are both accessible via a privately hosted cloud environment for easier device management and access for mobile app development and quality assurance teams regardless of geographical location. GigaFox Red is available as an on-premises solution behind the corporate firewall, supporting both manual app testing and test automation leveraging built-in Appium or any other commercial or open-source testing and DevOps tools.

GigaFox Silver offers the same robust features as GigaFox Red but is available as both an on-premises and/or in a hosted implementation. GigaFox Silver also includes a graphics extension manager (GEM) enabling customers to stream a device screen in real time. Using minimal bandwidth, GigaFox Silver gives customers real-time performance, on actual devices, with unprecedented smoothness and responsiveness whether coding, writing Appium test scripts or performing manual testing.

“Regardless of whether you implement StarterKit, GigaFox Red or GigaFox Silver, our device testing suite provides the first and only mobile cloud offerings for all categories of mobile apps and for teams of all sizes,” said Dan McFall, president and CEO of Mobile Labs. “Our GigaFox family of solutions is re-inventing the device cloud by empowering mobile engineers to access real devices for testing so they can continue to offer consumers the best possible mobile experience.”