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Mobile Labs Hosts GGDA Meeting on Playtesting for Mobile Games

ATLANTA – November 13, 2018 - Mobile Labs, a leading provider of mobile device clouds to Global 2000 mobile developers and testers, will host the November meeting of the Georgia Game Developers Association (GGDA) on Tuesday, November 13th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

The GGDA is an organization committed to promoting the growth and success of game manufacturers in Georgia through the oversight and guidance of government and academic involvement, identification and availability of resources, creation and application of best practices and certifications.

In additional to providing valuable networking opportunities for attendees, the meeting will feature a presentation from Mobile Labs’ Sr. Director of Product Marketing Steve Orlando, “Five Things to Consider When Testing: Moving from Hand to the Cloud.” Orlando will discuss the benefits of testing mobile games using a device cloud solution and what mobility teams need to take into consideration when moving to a cloud-based solution. He will also offer an in-depth demo of Mobile Labs’ supercharged mobile device cloud, GigaFox™ to show attendees best practices for testing app-based mobile games.

GigaFox is a valuable asset for playtesting because it supercharges the process of creating, testing, and delivering high quality mobile games by providing mobile engineers with exciting real-time performance, on real devices, featuring unprecedented smoothness and responsiveness. Using a mobile device with GigaFox is like having a real device in hand, making it the first and only mobile cloud suitable for all categories of mobile apps, including active content Web, gaming, and streaming video.

“It is an exciting time for the gaming community,” stated Orlando. “With the rapid growth of mobile games and the increased expectations of players, developers and testers need tools that are capable of testing mobile games that rely on the superior performance of graphical content, streaming video, and speed without any lags or choppiness. GigaFox not only provides the ability to test these games in real-time but also makes it easier to share and manage devices for testing leveraging manual and/or automated testing.”

The November GGDA meeting is free for members of GGDA and TAG and $10 for all others. The event will be held in Atlanta at Piedmont Center, Building 2 at “The Center” located at 3565 Piedmont Road NE. For more information visit the event webpage.