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Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™ in SD Times’ Testing Showcase

ATLANTA – October 16, 2017 – Mobile Labs, a leading provider of enterprise-grade mobile testing and development solutions, was recently featured in the October 2017 issue of the SD Times as part of its Testing Showcase.

Mobile Labs’ flagship solution, deviceConnect™ is the subject of an SD Times editorial, “Manage all mobile assets from a single lab.” This editorial highlights the ways that the firm’s private mobile device cloud, deviceConnect enables enterprise mobility teams to make mobile testing as agile and flexible as possible while boosting DevOps. deviceConnect’s role in enabling geographically dispersed mobile developers, testers and quality assurance professionals to share physical devices regardless of location was also noted.

According to the President of Mobile Labs, Dan McFall, as quoted in this article, states that, “If you have an offshore strategy but your devices reside in a different office for security or network reasons, we solve that challenge and we open the device up as a platform for a variety of DevOps processes including automated testing. We make building and running scripts against mobile applications, as well as storing and managing those test case results possible, which accelerates mobile testing.”

In addition, Mobile Labs’ commitment to the Appium open-source project was noted, along with the firm’s addition of a built-in Appium server to deviceConnect, providing world-class Appium support to enterprise mobility teams. deviceConnect is also tool-agnostic, enabling enterprise mobility teams to leverage both commercial and open-source tools for mobile test automation to enable teams to keep up with demand.

Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect provides a completely secure approach to mobile device management, access and testing. Available on-premises or as a hosted solution, both solutions are private, internal cloud-based mobile application testing platforms. In the on-premises implementation, the devices are managed in-house by an organization’s developers and QA professionals in a compact mobile unit, offering a central portal to manage devices, users and applications. The hosted solution features the same deviceConnect software and 24/7 access to mobile devices, but instead of being stored on-premises, the dedicated devices are managed in a secure data center by Mobile Labs’ experts.