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Mobile Labs Announces Cloud-based Appium Support

ATLANTA – June 27, 2017 – Mobile Labs, a leading provider of enterprise-grade mobile testing and development solutions, announces that Appium testing capability is now available as an add-on feature of deviceConnect™, its mobile device cloud. With version 7.4, available now, customers can opt for a built-in Appium server that attains high levels of performance and reliability.

“We believe the deviceConnect cloud now has the best Appium support in the industry,” said Mobile Labs President Dan McFall. “Enterprises working through their digital transformations must have high-performance, reliable testing for native, hybrid, and web apps,” McFall continued. “Customers using our cloud can get up and running quickly to meet these needs -- skipping the cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks of buying, building, and configuring their own Appium servers.”

Microsoft Windows users no longer need to obtain separate Apple Macintosh system(s) to support iOS devices – as required by Appium -- greatly simplifying configurations and enhancing reliability.

deviceConnect’s Appium server is built to simplify operation and enhance productivity. For example, no specialized Appium start up scripts are needed, and simultaneous, parallel tests are easily created. In addition, the cloud automatically selects an appropriate device based on properties such as form factor or OS version, whether Android or iOS. The cloud also does smart code signing of iOS applications, eliminating many steps and blockers.

“Customers of deviceConnect can turn to Mobile Labs for their Appium support,” continued McFall. “We are committed to the Appium open-source project and the hundreds of customers who are working with it. We offer users a real Appium server – not an attempt at compatibility -- with enhanced performance and reliability supplied by our cloud.”

The new version of the deviceConnect mobile device cloud is available hosted by Mobile Labs in a secure, managed data center or is available for secure installation on-premises behind an enterprise firewall.

Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect is an industry leader because of its ability to bring agility and flexibility to enterprise mobility teams. The solution not only enables testing on real mobile devices, but is tool-agnostic. The solution also fuels collaboration from geographically dispersed teams by enabling the same pool of real mobile devices to be shared 24x7 regardless of where the members of the team reside. Those interested in using Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect featuring high-performance, cloud-based Appium support can contact the Mobile Labs’ sales team through the company’s website at https://mobilelabsinc.com/.