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Mobile Labs and SOASTA Partner For Enterprise Mobile Testing

Mobile Labs, LLC, a leading provider of enterprise-grade, next generation mobile testing solutions, today announced a partnership with SOASTA, a leader in cloud and mobile testing. Recognizing that mobility has changed the testing landscape and exposed new requirements for global enterprises, Mobile Labs and SOASTA have partnered to allow enterprise test teams to perform automated mobile app testing on remotely managed and accessed devices for accelerated testing and faster time to market.

SOASTA’s industry-proven mobile test automation solution, TouchTest, offers powerful recording and visual test editing along with its stable, precise replay on real mobile devices. Using TouchTest, enterprise test teams can reduce app testing time from days to minutes.

Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect is a private mobile device cloud that provides instant, remote access to iOS and Android™ smartphones and tablets from anywhere in the world. Installed behind the corporate firewall, deviceConnect will enable TouchTest users to remotely access and test on real mobile devices without compromising corporate data security.

Enterprises interested in mobile testing strategies with innovative functional test automation and secure, private, cloud-based device access management can now use deviceConnect and TouchTest to test early in the development cycle on real devices and deliver quality apps to the market faster.

“The enterprise is undergoing a shift to a mobile-first strategy, requiring rapid development and delivery of mobile applications,” said Tom Lounibos, Co-founder and CEO, SOASTA. “The combination of SOASTA and Mobile Labs technologies allows companies to get apps to market more rapidly with powerful test automation running on real mobile devices while keeping those devices and corporate data securely behind the corporate firewall. At SOASTA, we are focused on helping enterprises get quality mobile apps and websites delivered quickly to ensure a great user experiences.”

“For development and test teams working in dynamic mobile-everything enterprises, using traditional software testing processes and physical mobile devices represents a major challenge. Working with our strategic partner, SOASTA, we’re advancing and simplifying secure mobile device access management and automated functional testing for mobile applications,” explained Mobile Labs President and CEO Don Addington. “Our collaboration ensures that developers and mobile QA professionals have the agility, device accessibility and security needed to deploy high quality mobile apps throughout the mobile enterprise.”