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Mobile Labs & Crittercism Partner for Testing Improvements

August 12, 2014 ‒ ATLANTA Mobile Labs, LLC, a leading provider of enterprise-grade, next generation mobile testing solutions, today announced it has partnered with Crittercism, a leading mobile application performance management (mAPM) solution to help enterprise organizations thoroughly test mobile applications on real devices, deploy higher quality mobile apps more efficiently, and manage device access and sharing via a private mobile device cloud. Under terms of the agreement, the companies will serve as referral partners.

“Mobile devices and apps are fueling a completely new way of working,” said Mobile Labs President and CEO Don Addington. “As enterprises transition legacy apps to mobile and create completely new mobile line of business apps, employees have an expectation for high quality and phenomenal user experience. IT teams need a new solution set to meet employee demands. Crittercism and Mobile Labs give enterprise IT a holistic view into everything that’s happening with an app and the right tools to address app issues long before deployment. The result is higher quality mobile apps that give employees the power and flexibility to get business done at the speed of mobile.”

Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™, the private mobile device cloud, provides device access management for instant, remote access to iOS and Android™ smartphones and tablets from anywhere in the world. Installed behind the corporate firewall, deviceConnect is a complete test device management platform that integrates with and extends legacy test automation frameworks to mobile. In addition to managing smartphones and tablets, deviceConnect securely manages mobile apps and associated builds requiring testing and enables granular visibility into every device and mobile operating system managed by and made remotely accessible to development and test teams via the private mobile device cloud. Using deviceConnect, developers, mobile engineers, and testers can select the mobile app requiring test, install it on the right device running the selected mobile OS and perform automated and/or manual functional, regression and performance tests – all from remote locations. The process streamlines mobile app testing on real, uncompromised devices, increases collaboration and enables device sharing while eliminating the need to purchase duplicate devices for every tester and/or each testing center.

Crittercism’s mAPM can be used with deviceConnect apps and devices under test to measure mobile app performance in real time along several dimensions – user, app, OS, device, network and API — to help developers and IT teams quickly narrow down the source of performance issues. Enterprise developers, IT operations professionals and product managers can monitor every aspect of mobile app performance so they can deliver faster, better and smarter mobile apps. Crittercism provides global views of app diagnostics across multiple platforms including iOS, Android native apps and Hybrid and HTML5 apps. With Crittercism, IT professionals gain a complete view of all the elements affecting the performance of business-critical applications enabling proactive identification and correction of performance issues before app users are impacted. Crittercism supports all mobile OS versions and is used in tens of thousands of apps across more than one billion monthly active users. Crittercism’s app monitoring capability and Mobile Labs’ app automation capability, when used together, make producing more accurate, more reliable, and better-performing apps easier and more cost-effective.

“As organizations move mission critical functions to a mobile platform, businesses need to know mobile apps are ready for prime time prior to deployment,” said Crittercism CMO Kalyan Ramanathan. “Crittercism ensures high-performance and reliability of enterprise mobile apps while Mobile Labs’ enables comprehensive application testing on real devices securely managed and accessed via the private cloud. We’re excited to work with Mobile Labs to give our joint customers the app intelligence and quality they need to be more competitive and agile than ever.”

About Mobile Labs

Mobile Labs provides enterprise-grade, next generation testing tools for mobile app testing, mobile device testing and mobile website testing. With a focus on security, agility and affordability, Mobile Labs’ delivers solutions to help enterprises efficiently deploy quality cross-platform mobile apps. The company’s on-premises, private mobile device cloud, deviceConnect™, leverages patent-pending technology to provide highly secure access to and management of the entire inventory of test devices across major mobile platforms. Mobile Labs’ solutions provide support for both manual and automated testing on real, uncompromised mobile devices. For more information, please visit www.mobilelabsinc.com.