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Mobile Labs Featured in SD Times and TEST Magazine

ATLANTA – May 22, 2017 – Mobile Labs, a leading provider of enterprise-grade mobile testing and development solutions, was recently featured in the May 2017 issues of the SD Times and TEST Magazine.

Mobile Labs’ flagship solution, deviceConnect™ was included in SD Times’ “A guide to continuous testing tools” in the May 2017 issue. Noted for its ability to improve efficiency and agility, deviceConnect was highlighted by SD Times for its ability to enable automated continuous quality integration and DevOps processes. deviceConnect is also recognized for its ability to help enterprise mobility teams perform automated and manual testing for mobile apps and mobile websites on real devices.

The SD Times also featured Mobile Labs President Dan McFall in the article, “Continuous testing in a fast-paced agile and DevOps world.” In this piece, McFall noted that today’s consumers expect high-level mobile app experiences that simply work and that are easy to use. He argued that it is the demand for quality that drives the demand for testing, and that developers must continuously be developing and testing to meet consumer demand.

McFall further elaborated on the importance of continuous testing for mobile in the May 2017 issue of TEST Magazine. In “Under Construction: Continuous Testing for Mobile,” McFall highlighted the three steps that enterprise mobility teams need to take when planning and executing a successful continuous testing strategy to empower continuous delivery, including careful planning, selecting the right tools and team, and consistent application performance monitoring (APM).

“With a successful continuous testing framework, mobile teams can embrace agile methodology while developing and testing. Not only does this streamlined process result in faster development and better app experiences, but helps DevOps to be more effective in pushing out new releases under budget and on schedule,” stated McFall.

Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect is a private mobile device cloud that provides a completely secure approach to mobile device management, access and testing. Available on-premises or as a hosted solution, both solutions are private, internal cloud-based mobile application testing platforms. In the on-premises implementation, the devices are managed in-house by an organization’s developers and QA professionals in a compact mobile unit, offering a central portal to manage devices, users and applications. The hosted solution features the same deviceConnect software and 24/7 access to mobile devices, but instead of being stored on-premises, the dedicated devices are managed in a secure data center by Mobile Labs’ experts.