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Which Mobile Device Cloud is Right for My Team? [Checklist]

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How can enterprise mobility teams choose the right mobile device cloud solution? Mobile Labs' checklist will help teams choose the device cloud that fits the needs of mobile developers, testers and quality assurance.

Mobile development, testing and quality assurance teams have to organize and keep up with a lot of moving pieces in their mobile testing labs. From managing and sharing devices among team members, running manual and/or automated tests leveraging various open-source and commercial tools, incorporating continuous integration solutions to boost DevOps, and by protecting sensitive proprietary and customer data, enterprise mobility teams are laden with responsibility. In order to thrive, all team members need to make sure they have the best tools and solutions to do the job to continue release updates on time.

To help manage all of these moving parts, many enterprise mobility teams have incorporated a mobile device cloud solution into their testing labs to streamline device management and to control the chaos of mobile app and mobile web testing. As an added bonus, many of these mobile device cloud solutions also support continuous integration and security measures that contribute to increased productivity for mobile developers, testers and quality assurance engineers.

But, how can enterprise mobility teams choose the right mobile device cloud solution that fits the needs of all team members? With so many choices on the market today, including public clouds with shared devices, private, and on-premises cloud solutions with dedicated, shared devices, it can be overwhelming to make the right decision.

Therefore, Mobile Labs has put together a checklist, “Choose the Device Cloud That Fits the Need.” Enterprise mobility teams can use this resource to discover what factors are most important for mobile developers, testers and quality assurance when choosing a public cloud v., a private cloud solution.

Checklist: Choose the Device Cloud That Fits the Need

Click here to download a PDF version of this checklist

We invite you to examine this checklist and consider the statements and how well they describe the goals or initiatives of your team. If you see a green check mark, then the associated mobile device cloud solution is a viable option.

Mobile Labs’ checklist is divided into five different areas that enterprise mobility teams should consider when choosing a device cloud solution:

Device Access & Sharing

When testing using real devices, mobile testers and QA teams should test apps and mobile websites across all iOS and Android devices and operating systems. Whether enterprise team members are in one location or geographically dispersed, sharing devices among team members can be a challenge.

Device Management

Device management solutions are important to enterprise mobility teams wanting to organize and store devices in a single place, so they are readily available to all users for testing and development.

Test Automation

Mobile test automation enables teams to test and release faster than traditional manual testing. Whether relying on open-source or commercial testing tools, a mobile device cloud should support a variety of solutions for testing and collaboration.

Continuous Integration

By setting up continuous integration for mobile app and mobile website testing, enterprise mobility teams can create a repeatable process that connects all mobile testing and quality assurance tasks. Not only does continuous integration boost mobile DevOps, but any bugs and issues are identified and can be repaired quickly.


Enterprise mobility teams are tasked with building apps and mobile websites that rely on sensitive, proprietary data. Whether data is internal, or customer related, organizations must protect all data and associated development and testing environments.

By taking these five areas into consideration, enterprise mobility professionals can ensure that they will choose the best device cloud to fit the need.

Want to learn more about private mobile device cloud solutions? Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™, available as both an on-premises and as a hosted cloud, provides device access and management for a team’s dedicated pool of devices, in addition to supporting most open source and commercial automated testing and continuous delivery tools. Learn more about deviceConnect by watching our video demo.

Steve Orlando

Steve Orlando is a seasoned development and quality assurance professional with experience testing and developing mobile, Web, mainframe, CRM and desktop applications. In his role as director of product marketing for Mobile Labs, Steve drives the design and implementation of the company’s private mobile device clouds, GigaFox™ and deviceConnect™.

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