Client Success - How ABN AMRO Reduced Testing from 5 Weeks to 4 Days

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The third-largest bank in the Netherlands, ABN AMRO faced challenges sharing mobile devices to test multiple apps across geographically dispersed teams. Watch this video to discover how ABN AMRO leveraged Mobile Labs' deviceConnect for gains in efficiency and productivity.

ABN AMRO: A Mobile Labs Customer Success Story

At Mobile Labs, we are committed to helping our customers excel in the area of enterprise mobility. We enjoy working with mobile developers, testers and QA professionals to explore how they can leverage deviceConnect™ to help teams streamline mobile app and web development, manual and automated testing and device sharing while reducing regression testing time.

We are always proud to present a customer success story from our customers. Recently, the team at ABN AMRO produced this video case study detailing how their team has leveraged deviceConnect for gains in efficiency and productivity.

ABN AMRO is the third-largest bank in the Netherlands. The bank currently serves over 100,000 clients in 10 markets worldwide. Based on this wide reach, the team at ABN AMRO is responsible for managing and testing multiple mobile apps. Unfortunately, like a lot of enterprise mobility teams, the team at ABN AMRO struggled when sharing devices across geographically dispersed team members.

As you will see in the video, ABN AMRO not only managed to boost DevOps by introducing deviceConnect, but they also managed to:

  • Shorten manual regression testing time from 5 weeks to 4 days
  • More efficiently share a pool of devices across the entire team, regardless of physical location
  • Develop and produce higher quality mobile apps and mobile websites
  • Continue leveraging Microfocus UFT with Mobile Labs Trust™ for automated regression testing

We encourage you to watch the entire video, or to read the whole case study here.

Based on their experience with deviceConnect, the team at ABM AMRO has been named as a finalist in the "Best Mobile Testing Project" Category for the upcoming European Software Testing Awards 2017. We wish the team at ABN AMRO the best of luck and we hope they come home a winner!

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