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GigaFox: The Reimagined Device Cloud from Mobile Labs

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Mobile Labs is excited to announce the release of GigaFox, our completely reimagined mobile device cloud designed to accelerate development and continuous testing.

Mobile Labs is proud to introduce GigaFox™, a complete reimagining of the mobile device cloud that supercharges creating, testing, and delivering high quality mobile apps and Web content. GigaFox gives mobile engineers instant access to an exciting real-time experience, on real devices, with unprecedented smoothness and responsiveness no matter whether you’re coding, writing Appium test scripts, or doing manual testing.

With GigaFox, Mobile Labs has re-thought almost everything about device clouds. GigaFox’s revolutionary new component, the GEM, delivers stunning real-time graphics performance. The experience of remotely using a GigaFox GEM device is like having one in your hands, making GigaFox perfect for all categories of mobile apps including active content Web, gaming, and streaming video. GigaFox devices vastly outperform the previous leader in cloud performance, our own deviceConnect™. GEM speeds a device’s screen output along the network and can make bandwidth-related response lags and choppy video a thing of the past.

But we didn’t change what we do best – Appium remains our specialty and your success is our goal. We continue to speed up and simplify Appium workflows by making scripts easier to write and easier to run, and we make it possible to “get ‘er done” sooner with exclusive improvements to Appium’s performance, concurrency, and reliability. We have highly motivated, world-class support engineers who are easy to do business with and who will work their fox tails off until you’re happy and succeeding.

GigaFox’s physical components have been re-engineered to be easier to manage and great looking. GigaFox can support more expansion, is a great aesthetic match to office environments, and keeps mobile devices happier and healthier with improved cooling, charging, and physical security. It’s a snap to install devices using the new slide-out shelf, and GigaFox has the cables ready to connect. GigaFox can even supply mobile devices. Those who want Mobile Labs and GigaFox to securely install, manage, and maintain the cloud can opt to use one of our hosting data centers. In short, we’ve incorporated into GigaFox everything we’ve learned from customers since we installed the industry’s first in-office cloud more than six years ago.

GigaFox is the most open and flexible cloud in the mobile space, supporting continuous testing through DevOps integrations and the largest number of third party and open source tools in the industry. That means, as our customers know, that GigaFox comes to stay – with the platform power to adapt not only the tools you use today, but with the capability to support the ones you’ll choose tomorrow.

We could go on forever, but we’ll stop after just some of the highlights. For more about GigaFox, to learn more about how we are dedicated to your success, or to arrange to meet the GigaFox in person, contact margaret@mobilelabsinc.com or your Mobile Labs sales professional.

Want to see GigaFox in action? Check out a video from Mobile Labs President & CEO Dan McFall explaining what's awesome about GigaFox.

Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan serves as Mobile Labs’ chief technology officer. In this role, Ryan provides the technological vision and drives Mobile Labs' product road map. Ryan has more than 35 years of experience in leading software development teams that design and build robust and market-leading solutions for large-scale enterprise customers among Fortune 1000 companies.

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