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deviceConnect Tips: Assign Devices for Testing by User Group

Friday, February 2, 2018

In this blog, we will offer some important tips and useful advice for deviceConnect administrators for assigning devices to users for testing.

At Mobile Labs, easy access to mobile devices and device sharing has always been a cornerstone of the design and continued development of our internal private mobile device cloud, deviceConnect™. As the heart of enterprise mobile app and mobile website testing, deviceConnect serves as the hub for innovation, agility and increased DevOps among team members.

Therefore, in our new blog series, “deviceConnect Tips,” we will offer some important tips and useful advice for deviceConnect administrators. It is our hope that these helpful hints will allow enterprise mobility teams to jump start their mobile testing initiatives.

Our first blog in this series will examine Device Access Controls and how deviceConnect admins can utilize this feature to their best advantage.

The Basics: What is the Device Access Controls Feature?

In deviceConnect, users are assigned to a role where administrators can assign different privileges for users of deviceConnect. There are currently 39 different options that an admin can change (or assign) for different user group profiles.

Admins can add as many user group profiles as they need to and can assign each group different privileges.

Device Access Controls is a feature where the administrator can assign which devices the users within the role can have access. By default, when the Device Access Controls are disabled, all devices are accessible to a user within a role. When enabled, the devices can be assigned to a role to restrict users to only the assigned devices. If no devices are assigned, then users will not see any available devices.

Here are a few examples of the privileges or abilities than an admin can grant or take away:

  • Ability to upload apps to deviceConnect, or even to view apps that are already uploaded
  • Ability to remove a device, disable it or install apps to it
  • Ability to access the system area of deviceConnect and make changes
  • Ability to make reservations to use devices
  • Ability to access certain devices, instead of open access to all available devices in the device pool

To get an idea of how to use this feature, we will walk through how to assign devices using Device Access Controls.

Easily Assign Devices – How It Works

To assign devices using Device Access Controls, admins should do the following:

1. On the System tab in deviceConnect, scroll to Device Access Controls and select the Enforce Device Access Controls checkbox.

2. On the Users tab, select Roles.

3. Select a role. On the Device Access panel, select the devices(s) to be assigned to the role and click Save.

Pro Tip: Restricting Access to Devices by User Group

On the device level, the admin may choose to segregate device access between different teams of users and roles in deviceConnect.

For example, say an enterprise mobility team has 40 devices in their device pool, with three different teams – development, quality assurance, and R&D, who could potentially use these devices. The admin can use the Device Access Controls feature to assign each team access to certain dedicated devices that are reserved for their needs.

Once the admin assigns certain groups or roles access to particular devices, users of deviceConnect will only be able to see and interact with the devices they are assigned to. This ensures that team members do not use the wrong devices for testing.

By enabling admins to control device access at the granular level, deviceConnect helps teams manage resource allocation for greater agility and team collaboration.

Have additional questions about deviceConnect? Learn more about this private device cloud, available as both an on-premises and as a hosted solution by viewing our video demo.

Already a deviceConnect user? Let us know how we can improve deviceConnect by visiting our feedback portal.

Steve Orlando

Steve Orlando is a seasoned development and quality assurance professional with experience testing and developing mobile, Web, mainframe, CRM and desktop applications. In his role as director of product marketing for Mobile Labs, Steve drives the design and implementation of the company’s private mobile device clouds, GigaFox™ and deviceConnect™.

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