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All About Appium: A Guide to Mobile App Test Automation

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Learn more about mobile test automation from Mobile Labs’ Appium Knowledge Center.

When is the last time that you’ve had a conversation about mobile test automation that did not include Appium? Based on the excitement and fervor about Appium, it’s probably been a while.

As interest in Appium continues to grow and more mobile app testers begin exploring this most intriguing open-source testing tool, industry professionals continue to learn more and become more confident in their Appium expertise.

From our customers we’ve learned that although there is a lot of interest around leveraging Appium for test automation, that getting started with Appium has its special set of unique challenges.

We’ve discovered that sometimes it’s hard to get started testing with Appium because it’s expensive or difficult to purchase Apple computers due to the Appium requirements for iOS testing. Often, troubles come from writing test scripts to use for running Appium tests. We’ve also observed that while a familiarity with Selenium for mobile web testing helps testers get up to speed with Appium faster, that they sometimes struggle when executing Appium tests.

At Mobile Labs, we’re also fascinated with Appium. This interest in exploring Appium and all its nuances is what inspired our mission of making Appium easier to use by offering world-class Appium support. As the first step in our Mobile Labs Appium journey, we added a built-in, instant-on Appium server to our mobile device cloud, deviceConnect™ to offer better performance when running Appium tests, in addition to making it easier to get started with Appium. Believe it or not, deviceConnect makes it possible to write your first test and execute it within the first hour. Seriously.

We are also fortunate to have several in-house Appium experts on our support team that enjoy helping our customers navigate these Appium challenges, from setup to scripting. No matter where testers are in their Appium journey, it is an adventure that we can all embark on together. As we all learn more about Appium, we can help each other.

The spirit of continuing education is what inspires today’s blog.

Although the Mobile Labs Enterprise Mobility Blog often features posts about Appium, we wanted to create one central repository, or knowledge center on the blog to gather all of our Appium information into one easy-to-find spot. As we make new Appium discoveries, we will continue to add information to the blog.

We’ve organized all of the information into sections, so we encourage you to explore the areas that best match where you are in your Appium journey.

Mobile Labs' Appium Knowledge Center

Appium 101: What You Need to Know

You’re considering Appium, are you? Here’s some tips, tricks and considerations when getting started.

Getting Started with Appium

Appium is installed and you’re raring to go and ready to start testing. What do you need to know?

Advanced Appium

You have Appium up and running and are running Appium tests. Here’s what you can do to take it to the next level.

Appium Success Stories

Check out how your industry peers have been successfully leveraging Appium.

Extra Credit: Additional Resources

Learn more about Appium by visiting the resources below.

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