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5 Things to Consider When Getting Started with Appium

April 19, 2017

Many enterprise mobility teams have installed Appium, but they aren't sure what to do next. Here's 5 things to consider when beginning your Appium journey. Read More »

11 Tests For A Bulletproof Mobile Application Deployment Strategy

March 29, 2017

After weeks of perfecting your newest app, it's time to deploy. But a buggy app can be costly. Be sure to test these 11 things BEFORE you deploy your app! Read More »

9 Best Practices for Building an Automation Testing Framework

October 12, 2016

These are 9 best practices you need to know when building a mobile app testing automation framework! Let us help make your testing job a little easier. Read More »

Native vs Hybrid Apps: What's The Difference & Which Is Best?

September 28, 2016

How is developing and testing hybrid apps different than native and web apps? We break down the differences and give you tips for developing and testing hybrid apps. Read More »

11 Tips to Create a Successful Mobile Device Testing Lab

September 27, 2016

Learn the top 11 tips you can use to build a successful mobile device testing lab for your enterprise. Read More »

Mobile App Testing Evaluation Checklist

September 17, 2016

Do You Have a Mobile Testing Checklist? Learn Why A Checklist Can Help. Read More »

4 Techniques to Optimize Your Test Automation Framework

September 11, 2016

Are you optimizing your mobile application testing techniques? Here are four keys to make the most of automated mobile application testing. Read More »

Top 5 Tips: The Dev-Test-Ops Guide You’ve Been Waiting For

July 7, 2016

We were recently featured in a piece by the SD Times and it got us thinking: We need to put together the Top 5 Dev Test Ops Tips to help your testing efforts. Read More »

What 10 Experts Say About Challenges in Enterprise Mobile App Development and Testing

February 24, 2016

As more employees, partners and consumers become dependent on mobile applications, the push towards enterprise mobility continues to increase.  Read More »

Are Mac Computers Required for Testing on iOS Devices with Appium?

December 16, 2015

Not with deviceConnect! Appium, an open source project that provides UI automation for iOS and Android devices, is popular among the enterprise test teams. But do you need a Mac?  Read More »

Introducing deviceBridge™

October 14, 2015

With deviceBridge, many test automation frameworks & developer tools used for checkout & debugging can retain cloud-based devices as if locally connected... Read More »