At Mobile Labs, we’ve been fortunate to help customers across all industry verticals. In our new blog series, we take a deeper look at actual deviceConnect use cases by industry, starting with mass media.

Film. Television. Publishing. Radio. News. Cable. Streaming video. Internet. Wireless. These are only a few examples of the widespread diversity of today’s modern media. From its earliest roots in newspaper, to the golden age of radio, to the advent of television, to the Internet, to mobile phones, to 24/7 access to news, and streaming video, today’s media landscape has virtually exploded.

When you add mobile to the mix, that is where things get interesting. Media producers have been tasked with presenting seamless mobile experiences for consumers, whether they are reading a book, magazine, or newspaper, or if they are watching a newscast, live television, or other streaming video content. But it isn’t all about content delivery. In many cases, the organization may have other interests, such as cable or wireless services, that require robust mobile apps to help customers pay bills, order equipment or request service.

With so many challenges, how can an enterprise mobility team in media respond to digital demand, while remaining agile?

At Mobile Labs, we believe the answer lies with our private mobile device cloud, deviceConnect. Come along as we walk you through a real-life media use case proving how an internal cloud-based mobile application testing platform like deviceConnect can benefit developers, testers and QA in mass media.

Use Case: U.S. Mass Media Conglomerate

Here’s a little background information. This organization is a national media conglomerate with diverse interests, including broadcast media, television, cable, Internet and wireless. This widespread portfolio of products has led to mobility challenges, primarily centered around improving customer experience, while boosting DevOps and saving money.

Thanks to its interests in wireless and cable, this organization has retail stores across the U.S. to streamline the process of acquiring Internet, wireless and cable services for its millions of customers/subscribers.

Challenge: Improving Operations in Retail Stores and Boosting the Customer Experience with Mobile Apps

If you were to visit one of this organization’s retail stores, you would notice that store associates have iPads. These iPads enable the associates to help customers change billing information, update services, add new items to their plans, and more.

The enterprise mobility team needed a robust solution to help them develop a mobile application for the associates to use in store. This app has several different functions, which not only helps the associates to do their jobs more efficiently, but could ultimately involve an increase in revenue by selling customers more services. Therefore, this app must be flawless and must, quite simply, work. In addition, the enterprise team needed to test the performance of this app on the iPads that the associates use daily.

Naturally, not all customers want to visit a retail store to pay bills, request service, or to make changes to their account. Therefore, the enterprise mobility team is also responsible for developing, testing and constantly improving an app for customers. Like our scenario outlined above, deviceConnect helps the team quickly develop, test and constantly improve this app to help customers manage their account and services.

As a solution, deviceConnect benefits the developers, testers and QA by providing one shared platform for each team member to develop, test and check the performance of the in-store app on iPads and the customer app across several other mobile devices. Through the device sharing functionality of deviceConnect, the geographically dispersed pool of testers can share the same iPads and smartphones for testing. Besides boosting productivity, sharing the same mobile devices saves money because the organization does not have to buy numerous mobile devices for the team to use for development and testing.

deviceConnect and ROI: A media success story

Perhaps the best way to prove the benefits of deviceConnect for media, is to examine the actual numbers, stats and ROI from our use case.

Without deviceConnect in place, here’s the enterprise mobility landscape at this organization.

Daily, a team of three mobile testers is responsible for running over 50 manual tests, 3 times per day, on six different devices. From a cost standpoint, the team has determined that it costs around $0.85 to run each manual test. Quickly these costs add up, to around $27,000 per year.

But what would happen if the team brought in deviceConnect to help them automate these tests? With test automation using the deviceConnect platform the team can save time, money and become more efficient.

Consider these findings:

  • With test automation, deviceConnect brings the price of each test down by $0.80, to $0.05 per test
  • Therefore, this team would receive an ROI of $300,000 in six months from using deviceConnect
  • Through automated testing, the team of three can also add two hours back to their workday
  • And, with this extra time, they can do more testing across additional devices

Besides becoming more efficient, increasing productivity and streamlining operations, the addition of automated testing with deviceConnect would allow this team to do more with the same headcount. Also, test automation takes the “human error” out of the testing process, thus boosting the quality of this organizations’ apps.

If you’re part of a media organization, just think what deviceConnect could do for you team. Now that you are familiar with the benefits of deviceConnect, why not take a deeper-dive by checking out our video demo?

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