Here is a recap of our week at the Jenkins Conference in San Francisco, where DevOps and continuous testing were the hottest topics among mobile industry professionals.

Recently, our team at Mobile Labs attended Jenkins World Conference 2017 in San Francisco. San Francisco is one of my favorite conference cities, thanks to the beautiful weather, amazing food, and generally laid-back atmosphere. And this year, Jenkins World did not disappoint. As usual, CloudBees put on a great conference, and I came away from the event even more excited about the work we are doing at Mobile Labs to help enterprise mobility professionals excel in mobile development, testing and quality assurance.

Here are my key takeaways from my third visit to Jenkins World and what they mean for enterprise mobility today.

Hot Topics: Peace, Love, DevOps and Continuous Testing

Despite the themed events around peace, harmony, and 1967’s “Summer of Love,” for me, Jenkins World was the “Summer of DevOps and Continuous Testing.”

Conference attendees were treated to a wealth of speaking sessions from top industry professionals illustrating how continuous testing can boost DevOps initiatives. DevOps is certainly not a new concept, as it seems to be a common “hot” initiative in many areas of tech as we all strive for excellence and efficiency.

For enterprise mobility, the buzz around DevOps is how to develop, test and release mobile apps and mobile websites that are faster and better. With increased mobile demand, enterprise mobility teams are tasked to work under high-stakes situations. A natural strategy for boosting DevOps is continuous testing and continuous integration, where automated testing tools can help mobile developers, testers and quality assurance teams manage demand while releasing new apps and updates on time and under budget. The speaking sessions at Jenkins World were a good mix of strategy and tactics to help teams move forward towards success in this area.

In addition, the team from was also present at Jenkins World. I had the chance to sit down for an interview, which you can view below. I enjoyed sharing with’s viewers some background about Mobile Labs and how we are responding to the demands of DevOps and agility.

The Hunt for Automation Tools – Jenkins, Appium, and More

One of the things I enjoy most at conferences is catching up with conference attendees and current Mobile Labs customers on their mobility challenges and how they are addressing their needs.

At Jenkins World, I noticed a common theme from my conversations on the show floor. I discovered that most enterprise mobility teams are currently doing a good bit of mobile testing, but that many are still on the hunt for the automated testing tool that suits the skills of their team or their overall goals.

While many teams are still looking for the “perfect” continuous testing tool, I encourage industry professionals to explore all the options out there to choose from for automated testing.

For example, many teams that I talked to were exploring Jenkins. After all, we were at Jenkins World.

During the conference, Mobile Labs’ Sr. Solution Architect Jamie Moore presented a session on leveraging mobile continuous delivery using Jenkins. He outlined some tips for getting started, including building a suite of automated tests and leveraging a device cloud, that will give enterprise mobility teams interested in Jenkins some helpful tips to boost their automated testing and continuous delivery initiatives.

If you missed Jamie’s session, you can check out a guest blog that he wrote for CloudBees’ blog for a deep dive into leveraging Jenkins.

The other automated testing tool that attendees at Jenkins World were curious about was Appium. From my conversations, I found that enterprise mobility teams were intrigued about working with this open-source platform, but that they sometimes struggled with how to get started using Appium for testing.

At Mobile Labs, we are also interested in Appium and have added a built-in Appium server into our private mobile device cloud, deviceConnect™. It is our goal that by offering this built-in server in addition to world-class Appium support that we can help teams interested in Appium get up and running faster than they could by having to build their own Appium server in-house.

Above all, Jenkins World is a great conference to attend, particularly if DevOps and continuous testing are important initiatives for your team. I hope to see you next year!

Dan McFall

Dan McFall has over 19 years of professional and executive experience in the B2B technology sector. He is currently President of Atlanta-based Mobile Labs, a leading provider of mobile testing and secure test device management solutions.

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