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Weekly Mobile News Roundup May 13, 2016

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This week: Apple and SAP’s partnership to provide enterprise apps for iPhones and iPads, Marriott’s shift to a “consumer-first” experience, and Facebook’s alleged practice of suppressing conservative news.

Apple and SAP Partner to Provide Enterprise Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Apple is looking to grow its enterprise market by providing native enterprise apps for iPhone and iPad by partnering with SAP, similar to the partnership it has already formed with IBM. The apps will use SAP’s HANA platform. SAP said it will deliver an iOS software development kit and training academy with the aim of enabling companies to create iOS business apps. Although there are few specifics, SAP has announced the initial apps will be focused on healthcare, retail, asset maintenance, and professional services.

Read more about the Apple and SAP pact at ZDNet.


Marriott Shifts Its Focus to a “Consumer-First” Experience

Marriott is taking a different approach to its marketing—putting the customer first. While this may sound like the point of all marketing, the reality is that marketing often misses the mark. Unfortunately, they find out how wrong they are when click-through rates and conversion are disappointingly low. In the past, search, display and other marketing segments were different departments within Marriott. Now the goal is to achieve a consistent experience for the consumer.

Learn more about Marriott’s consumer-first experience focus at Mobile Commerce Daily.


Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator Gets the Cold Shoulder

Earlier this year, Samsung announced the Family Hub Refrigerator, taking the Internet of Things to a new level. The unit comes with an LCD screen on the door, allowing the family to post, share, update calendars, pin photos, and leave notes, as well as interior cameras inside that show the contents through a mobile app—handy when you forget your shopping list. Consumers aren’t buying it. One of the biggest objections is that the refrigerator will likely outlast the technology today’s phones and tablets are using.

Learn more about the fate of Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator at TechCrunch.com.


Former Workers Accuse Facebook of Suppressing Conservative News

Facebook “news curators” have been accused for routinely suppressing conservative articles from appearing in the Trending News module. In addition, they instructed staff to artificially “inject” selected stories, even if they weren’t popular enough to warrant inclusion, and to exclude any news about Facebook. The former workers making this accusation claim articles about Former IRS official Lois Lerner, Mitt Romney, and Glenn Beck were suppressed, and that stories covered by conservative media outlets were excluded unless they also appeared in mainstream sources like the New York Times and CNN. Facebook denies the allegations.

Read more about Facebook suppressing conservative news at Gizmodo.


World Bank Report: Nearly 1 Billion in India Have No Internet Access

The World Bank reports that nearly 1 billion of the estimated 1.3 who live in India are not connected to the Internet. Internet adoption rate is high in government firms, but not for small- and medium-sized businesses. According to the report, wider adoption of the Internet in India would help economic growth, job creation, and public services.

Learn more about the World Bank’s report on Internet access in India at CNET.


YouTube Introduces Native Sharing

YouTube is offering a chat and sharing service as part of their mobile app, allowing users to share videos, send replies, and follow missed conversations. The feature is designed to promote more sharing among its users. However, while YouTube mobile reaches more in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic than any cable network in the U.S., it is still facing tough competition from Facebook, Snapchat, and now Amazon.

Learn more about YouTube’s new instant messaging feature at Wired.

Don Addington

Don Addington

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