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Weekly Mobile News Roundup June 6, 2016



This week: Predictions of record sales for Apple’s iPhone 7, the rise of mobile ad blocker use, and the release of Chick-fil-A’s new mobile app.

iPhone 7: Record sales ahead?

Earlier this year, Apple announced a decline in iPhone sales, and most analysts are expecting weak demand for the remainder of the year because the iPhone 7 does not appear to be much different from the iPhone 6s…but that view is not shared by everyone. Based on past purchasing habits, 17% of iPhone users upgrade when the next year’s model is released, 58% upgrade the following year, and another 22% the year after that.

Read more about the possible record demand for iPhone 7 at Business Insider.


Mobile Ad Blocker Use Is on the Rise

A new report shows that 22% of the world’s nearly 2 billion smartphone users are blocking ads on their mobile devices. Mobile ad blocking grew by 90% in 2015. 36% of users in Asia-Pacific are blocking ads, with 60% in India and Indonesia and nearly 33% in China. The report also indicated that ad blocking browsers are more than twice as popular in Europe as in North America, but that content blocking apps were three times more popular in North America than in Europe.

Read more about the growing use of mobile ad blockers at App Developer Magazine.


Report: Nearly One in Four Mobile Users Abandon Mobile Apps after a Single Use

There are millions of apps available for mobile users: More than 1.5 million on Apple’s iTunes App Store and more than 2 million on Google Play. But only best quality apps actually get downloaded and used. According to a recent report, 23% of mobile users launch an app only once. Moreover, 62% of mobile users will use an app less than 11 times, something it claims is “not a sustainable business model.” The best retention was found in apps using push notifications, in-app messages, and email, increasing user retention to 46%.

Read more about users abandoning mobile apps after one use at TechCrunch.


Chick-fil-A’s New Mobile App Focuses on Customer Loyalty

Chick-fil-A has rolled out Chick-fil-A One, a new mobile app that promises to improve the user experience at their stores and increase customer loyalty. Users can pre-order and pre-pay to avoid lines at the register, customize their order, and select from saved preferences. Meals will be prepared once the user checks in at the restaurant to ensure the order is fresh. Chick-fil-A will also surprise frequent app users with complimentary items based on favorites from past orders. Chick-fil-A is offering a coupon for a free chicken, spicy chicken, or grilled chicken sandwich to customers who download the new app through June 11.

Read more about Chick-fil-A’s new mobile app at Mobile Commerce Daily.


One-Click Checkout: Many are Called, Few are Chosen

Express (or one-click) checkout is gaining momentum. More mobile shoppers are embracing the convenience of express checkout buttons on ecommerce sites and mobile apps because they bypass the friction of having to complete a purchase using a mobile phone. But retailers are faced with a growing list of express button providers, including Apple Pay and PayPal. Analysts anticipate that retailers will only integrate several of these options rather than try to implement all of them, meaning that there will be some casualties. The next few months leading into the holiday season will be critical for the winners and losers.

Read more about express checkout adoption at Mobile Commerce Daily.


Don Addington

Don Addington

Don Addington has over 35 years of domestic and international executive management experience in the B2B technology sector. He is currently President & CEO of Atlanta-based Mobile Labs, a pioneer in enterprise solutions for mobile application testing. Don started his career managing customer support operations for hardware leaders Control Data and Amdahl. He moved into the software market with application development tool start-up KnowledgeWare where, during his 10 year tenure, he served as Director of Sales, VP of Sales & Marketing, EVP and COO. From 1996 to 2007, Don was CEO of Netherlands-based application integration and modernization infrastructure vendor Seagull Software; growing revenues from $1.8M to $37M, again establishing the company as a global leader in its market. In addition to his long-standing involvement with the Technology Association of GA, he participates in the Atlanta CEO High Tech Council and the Atlanta Technology Executives Roundtable.

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