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Weekly Mobile News Roundup July 5, 2016



This week: The global growth of Internet speed, China’s crackdown on mobile apps, and the debut of YouTube’s live streaming.

Report: Global Average Internet Speed Grows, More Users Have Broadband

The average internet connection speeds have risen globally 23% from last year, according to the latest figures from Akamai in their quarterly State of the Internet Report. In addition, the global adoption of speeds of 4 Mbps and greater increased 16% over last year and hit 73% penetration. Last year, the FCC redefined its broadband threshold from 4 Mbps downstream to 25 Mbps, and global adoption of speeds 25 Mbps and greater increased 86% year over year to hit 8.5% penetration.

Read more about the increase in internet speed and growth of broadband at VentureBeat.


China Increases Monitoring of Mobiles Apps, Targeting Apple and Other Operators  

China is stepping up its regulations governing mobile apps. The Cyberspace Administration of China posted new rules that require app stores and providers to establish the identify of users, monitor and report posts that contain banned content, and verify the legitimacy of developers who post apps for download. The laws are seen as part of President Xi Jinping’s attempt to control online content – from criticism of the government to porn.

Read more about China’s crackdown on mobile apps and operators at Bloomberg Technology.


Why Mobile Apps Rule: 5 Reasons

The Conversational Economy, made up of products that work alongside a conversational computing interface like messaging applications and voice-controlled computing (think Siri), has not replaced the mobile app as some predicted it would. This article explains why apps still remain in this space, among them: The marketplace is fragmented by different apps that dominate in specific geographical regions, some software (like computer coding, long-form writing, and structured data) does not lend itself to be conversational, and the problem unsolved technology challenges such as whole sentences and paragraphs.

Read more about why mobile apps are still on top at VentureBeat.


Mobile Live Streaming Now Available from YouTube

YouTube announced at VidCon that it will offer live streaming directly from its app. Users can tap the capture button, take a photo as a thumbnail, and broadcast in near real time. And the videos will come with all the regular YouTube features, including search, recommendations, and playlists. YouTube has been facing stiff competition recently from streaming options from Facebook Live and Periscope.

Read more about YouTube’s recent launch of live streaming at PC Magazine.


Facebook Gets Transparent About News Feed Values

In the wake of accusations last May that it was suppressing conservative articles in its newsfeed, Facebook has announced it is adopting a formal “News Feed Values” document. Among the values expressed in the document are that friends and family come first, that its news feed should inform and entertain, and that Facebook is a platform for all ideas. Now, posts from friends will appear higher on the News Feed than posts from news outlets. In publishing the core values, Facebook aims to show it does not have an agenda when deciding which stories to show its users.

Read more about Facebook’s new transparency trend at TechCrunch.

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